Oh hello, I'm back again.

I had a fantastic time at the Sabres/Penguins game that happened on Friday. I'm not one to get too rowdy at games (unless I'm screaming for our boys), but I was one of those people who were all over the refs case about some of the calls they made and the ones they didn't make. My poor stepfather. The poor woman in front of me too! She kept looking back everytime I yelled, and I did it right in her ear.

Dear lady in the Stafford jersey,

Forgive me for screaming in your ear. Oh, and forgive my man for stealing one of your man's goals, because seriously, that went off Staffy's stick.

the girl in the Vanek jersey behind you.

I didn't really pay attention to any of the game last night because I was spending time with my girlfriend. We watched all of the first, but then went off to go do some other things instead of watch. We did hear that the Canadiens won though, so I knew the boys lost. Sounds like the defense broke down again on Markov's game winning goal. *sigh* I'm pretty happy they they pulled out this week with four points, but six still would've been great to get.

Okay, and now I'm on TSN, and I see the headline SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE.

Dear NHL,

Stop using that freaking headline for every article you bust out. Every two teams that are struggling, and meet, you put that as the headliner. We get that something has to give, thank you very much.


Hm, do I want the Oilers or Stars to win? I don't know...I'll leave this one as a toss up.


Jael said...

I loved when they gave Vanek credit for that goal, because it meant no more icky Flyer leading the league in goals. =D

Shelby Rose said...

I hope that no longer will there be an icky Flyer leading the league in goals after this. NEVER AGAIN WILL IT HAPPEN!