Vlog: Postgame 9-29-10.

This is incredibly late but the video wouldn't upload for me last night. Yes, I am very hostile in this video and it's only the third one in! Yeah man.


Vlog: Postgame 9-28-10.

Unlike last time, I actually put the correct date.


Vlog: Postgame 9-26-10.

My first video. Go me. Also, go Sabres!

Edit: Thanks to Phil over at Blue, Black & Gold for noticing the title. I suck.


Training Camp: Day One.

For the record, I always keep forgetting that the Sabres split up the boys into three groups - the practice squad for the day and then the two teams who are playing in the scrimmage. Team Seymour (I think) was out for the practice squad today. Stafford has been looking extremely sharp these past few days and I heard that he lost quite a few pounds for the new season. I think he wants to prove everyone wrong because I do believe he just had a rusty season last year. It happens to every player.

For some reason, Miller was wearing his light blue mask during practice. I never took a liking to that one mainly because it clashes against the navy blue of the home jerseys. I don't know if he'll wear it with the third, which it might look better with, but I'm just not a fan. I much prefer the one he always wears. Leopold looks like Lydman when he takes off his helmet and that kind of bothers me too. Toni. *sad face*
I heard Team Norty won the game today in the shootout (go Lalime!) and that was the team I was cheering for. We had left early for food and so that I could get my brother's away jersey and I found a new little buddy for my car.I won't be at practice tomorrow because of school, but I'll be there on Tuesday when they're at the Northtown Center since I don't have my class in the morning. Can't wait!


Puck Drop 2010 and it's festivities.

Puck Drop 2010 has come and past, but it had it's moments. The day long event gave fans a chance to see their favorites in action on the first day of training camp while also letting them finally see the new jerseys that were coming out today. I'm pretty sure everyone left the arena happy as I know that I did. I think I am just eagerly awaiting for the real season to begin and it was nice to catch a glimpse of some hockey again.

The practice squad was the first group that was on the ice and consisted of guys like Vanek, Rivet, Montador, and others. The practice squad was out on the ice for about an hour and a half; just practicing a few drills and other miscellaneous things. I was impressed with a few guys especially during the drill where you had to battle the puck of of someone. Vanek was going all out against a few guys and I hope that has to do with him being in amazing shape this season.

At 11:45, each Sabre was announced and came out one after another in the home, away, and third jerseys respectively. It was neat to watch them skate around in the new garments. It's going to take time to get used to the style (especially the cross stitch on the numbers), but I think that I'll be able to come to love the look. I definitely like the shade of blue used for the jerseys. I can't wait until they wear them during a game. Those are going to look super flashy on the ice.

After the unveiling, they had a scrimmage go on. Sekera ended up going to the penalty box twice, while Connolly, Stafford, Foligno, and another rookie who I can't think of at the moment were also in there. Unfortunately, I don't remember who scored either but there were some sweet goals at both ends. For the shootout, Myers almost killed Leggio as he actually had to jump over the poor guy in the net. Ennis had an extremely nice goal that went top shelf while Pominville scored his only goal this season. Just kidding - at least I hope. Team White ended up winning the entire scrimmage.

There's a practice tomorrow which I'm attending so if you happen to see me, feel free to stop and say hello! You can't miss the girl with bushy hair and a Vanek jersey.


Hockey's back! Kind of.

Tonight starts the beginning of the top Sabres games from last season, and as I write this, it's about fifteen minutes away from puck drop. The first game they're showing is when Tyler Myers scored on the shootout and pretty much sealed his fate with the Sabres that night. I don't remember much from the game other than the shootout to be honest so it'll be nice to catch the things I missed. I think for the occasion I'll put on a jersey or something, and curl up to watch the game. I'm pretty excited. It's only because I haven't seen these boys on ice since the 26th of April and this is the only kind of hockey I have until next week Saturday when Puck Drop happens. It's so close but still so far away!

Speaking of Puck Drop, I'm sure most of you have already seen the new duds. Rather, a leak of the 'supposed' new duds. My take on it? I like the third jersey, I really do. I think that the homage to the Buffalo Bisons team in the old days is great. The only thing that may concern me is the supposed checkered numbers that I'm hearing about and I hope that isn't true. The image in my head that I have right now of them is NOT pretty whatsoever. I'm mildly concerned about that but I guess we'll all see once Puck Drop happens, right? I really have no opinion on the away jerseys because I personally don't like away jerseys. White isn't my color and plus, I would get a bunch of crap on the jerseys when I ate something.

A week and a half left until training camp. Thank the Hockey Gods.


Hockey season is RIGHT THERE.

Puck Drop is two weeks away and I know these days are going to go by slowly until then. I would like to thank the Sabres for deciding to put up several games on MSG during the month so that the craving for hockey won't be as intense. Also, lord knows I'm sort of sick of having to see Tweets about Game 6 versus the Bruins and all my Bruins friends making remarks about 'how great Satan is'. Kill me now.

They've chosen some pretty awesome games to be shown over the month of September. The epic Tampa shootout where it was then set into stone that Tyler would stay up here, then Carcillo being a bitch with Craig and complaining even though he technically won their scuffle. Then you have the Chicago game where Patty won his first game, and the Pittsburgh and Atlanta games that were amazing in their own ways. I just hope that never happens again where they have to come back from such big deficits. Later is the Phoenix game (before Thomas' birthday when I made Austria cupcakes!) and then the awesome Ottawa game. I wish I had DVR because I would tape it if I did and keep it forever.

So now I have a lot to look forward to and it gives me something to do on school nights. It'd be amusing to see if I missed anything during the games too. The only game I actually attended out of all of those was the Chicago game and I'm sure I missed something along the way. A terrible habit Tamara and I have is making up a ton of crap during games and talking through it. It's about the Sabres of course but regardless, we miss a lot going on. I think we have to tone it down this year depending on how many games we go to and if we go to many at all. Maybe then I won't have to say 'WHOA! When did they put in the back-up?' IE; me not knowing that Henrik Lundqvist was pulled in the home closer. My bad.

Get ready, folks. Hockey season is upon us and training camp is only that much closer.