There's our little center.

I'm sort of frightened by this picture because it looks like he's giving me a look of 'I want you.' Sorry Derek, I don't want you.

Why does he look so smug too? Maybe he already knows that there's a small chance he'll make Team Canada with how many other awesome players are there. I'm so pessimistic for him.


These prices were a bargain.

When Plan A for going to Hockeyfest failed, my other brother backed me up and was able to take me to the Tent Sale today to see what great stuff the team had on sale. They must've had some of the stuff for years because there were a few items that were ridiculously low for prices that they must have just wanted to get rid of for good. They had used players' skates for only twenty bucks! Old televisions (which you need antennas for) for only twenty to twenty-five bucks! I felt like I was at a flea market that was all hockey related, and I loved it.

I have photos of the great things I got my hands on at the sale.
This is everything I got all together. I didn't even spend that much really, so I was pretty happy.

The programs from the two past season were ten of them for a dollar, so I bought ten. I also bought the 2005-06 Yearbook and last year's Yearbook. I unfortunately found out that Thomas Vanek's favorite music is indeed Country. *cringes* He says he's fun to be around though. I won't deny that. Oh, and if he wasn't a hockey player now, he would still be in college.

I also grabbed a 2007-08 Vancouver Canucks Media Guide and then bought Sabres playing cards just in case I ever want to play Solitaire.

I bought a Sabres' reusable bag for two bucks, a Thomas Vanek photo (I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH!), a keyring, and a license plate for my sister since she needs one in Maine.

My brother shoved this into my hands when I was looking at programs. I love the picture, and it's nice to see one of the team's around here get a championship. Go Bandits!
Last but not least, the shirt I've been wanting ever since the Sabresstyle came out. 'The City of Hockey' t-shirt. It was fifteen bucks, and after being twenty-eight? Yeah, I wasn't going to miss out on buying it. This will be worn a lot.


He looks cute in those type of pants.

If you read this blog often, you already know I always come across the most awesome things about Thomas Vanek known to man. I found something great once again last night.

SandiHockeyMom on Twitter posted some pictures about Thomas Vanek having a private session camp for a AAA Bantam team in Minnesota. I got all giddy and decided to look through the photos.
NHL Allstar Thomas Vanek #Sabres at practice w 14y/0 @DHockey... on Twitpic
I just love those pants for some reason, I don't know why. I just realized that they're on the campus' ice in Minnesota. This makes me want to watch my championship DVD...and look! He's SMILING!
Thank YOU SO MUCH, Thomas Vanek #Sabres for sharing your time... on Twitpic
NHL AllStar Thomas Vanek #Sabres giving the boys some pointer... on Twitpic
See? Smiles. We all like smiles.
There are more pictures at this website. I can't wait until hockey!


Sabres get grittier by signing UFA Jeff Cowan.

He looks eerily like one of the Sedin twins, non?

He was signed to a one year, two-way contract yesterday so I'm pretty sure he will be in Portland when the season starts. He has played with many teams (Flames, Thrashers, Kings, and Canucks). Interesting thing to note, he was coined 'Cowan the 'Bra-barian' when at a Lightning game, someone threw a bra on the ice when he scored his second goal of the game for the Canucks. The team later signed the bra and it went up for charity for breast cancer research.

He's a pretty big guy and a veteran presence, so I'm sure he'll be the veteran presence that was lost on the Pirates roster. I hope someone throws a bra on the ice when he scores his first goal with them or the Sabres for that matter.


Only a month away!

I can't wait until training camp starts up, because then I'll actually be able to write here religiously again. Puck Drop is less than a month away as well, so we have that to look forward to. A few more weeks and we'll get right back into the swing of things here at PotG.


Color me surprised, the Buffalo Sabres sign Mike Grier to a one-year deal.

I really did not mean for that to come out as a pun, but it still did. Sorry Mike.

Tamara texted me the news that came directly from the Buffalo Sabres about the signing since I'm not signed up for those texts. I pretty much stared at my phone in awe. Now I didn't pay attention to the Sabres much in the 05-06 season besides Game 7 versus Carolina but I know Mike Grier did not have many kind words for the Sabres management when he left for San Jose. It'll be very interesting to hear comments on this signing because I am very surprised he would want to come back here after what he said. I guess the Sabres really are adding grit back to the team.

I don't feel like talking about the other big story that happened in Buffalo recently because - well frankly, I just don't want to. You can't make me.


Some proof of Drew Stafford's existence, and a cameo by a smiling Thomas Vanek.

Tamara found this breaking news video on the Minnesota Wild's main website. It's of a charity hockey game in Faribault, Minnesota that was held a few days ago, and...wait. Who do I see? IT'S DREW STAFFORD! He's alive folks, alive and well.

Thomas Vanek also attended the game, and he was all smiles. I'm glad to see that. I'll put the knives back in the kitchen...for now.

An ode to a Finn.

Thanks for everything, Teppo.


Ryan Miller let's us know he dislikes stalkers and what he's doing.

Ryan gave us a little update today on his website to let us know he's still around. He mentions that he doesn't like the thought of these social networking sites because of the fact there are many stalkers abound on the internet. I don't really agree there because the networking sites are also there for long lost friends and family members so you can keep in contact, but I do agree that talking on the phone is almost dead it seems. No one really talks on the phone anymore because of texting, email, and such sites like Facebook and Twitter.

It's funny because he says all of this, and then he proceeds to say what he's doing this month and how he's coming back to Buffalo early. This Friday, actually. If you want to see him, he'll be at Watkins Glen to be the grand marshal. Sabres.com better have some video of this.


Sabres sign Cody McCormick to a one-year deal.

The Sabres signed former Avalanche center Cody McCormick yesterday to a one-year deal. This must be a move to replace Andrew Peters because I doubt after this signing he's not coming back to the Sabres to play. I heard that he's pretty gritty and not exactly a goal scorer. I just hope that his fights are better than Petey's.

Looks pretty good from what I can see in this video.