I decided that this year, I might actually do some v-logs for recaps of games instead of written posts. I obviously would not have time to do v-logs ALL the time because of school and work, but I would try to make videos as much as I could. I know a lot of people who do it and I would try to make it more fun than just all facts. I've been pondering the idea for most of the summer so I think I'm going to go ahead and do it.

I wish I had something to ACTUALLY write about but there's no news that's getting me going. I would have a report about how epic Hockeyfest might have been but I wasn't able to go because I worked all weekend. Tamara and I were supposed to get our Rivet jerseys but alas. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we should even get them because they'll probably only be useful for a year. Then again, my ex bought herself a Bernier jersey a few weeks before he was traded and now I own it. No one would buy it off me so I'm sure it's collecting dust in my closet. Awesome buys!

This Friday, I think I'm going to go to the Amherst Center and see who is starting to skate for the Sabres. A few of them start to skate around this time. I know Connolly was there early last summer and so was Rivet. Also, Buffalo favorites like Biron and McKee skate there too! I just never know what time they skate at. Hardly very many people show up to see them but it's fun if you have nothing else to do.


On how I might sort of watch the Florida Panthers this season.

This isn't some late April Fool's joke. I have been contemplating over the past month whether or not I should try watching the Panthers this season. With the departure of Michael Grabner from Vancouver to Florida, that gives me a good reason to watch how he develops with the team. At least he's on the East Coast now and I can see him play more if he stays up with the club, which I think he will. Even if he doesn't he'll be on Rochester, and I would LOVE to go to a game just to see him. That would be awesome. Then Rochester would've had the pleasure of having two Austrians on their team, OH MY GOD?!


This morning before work I decided to go on the Panthers site to see if there was any information on Grabner, when I thought to myself 'hey, I kind of like David Booth too...' He seems like a sweetie and I nearly forgot Mike Richards almost killed him with his elbow last season. If I'm not mistaken, I THINK he played with Ryan when he was still at Michigan State. He's also one of the better players on the Panthers. This made me contemplate even more 'should I give in? Should I just watch if Grabner's up? Why would I follow a team from the Sun Belt?'

I don't even know any Panthers fans so I have no idea how this is going to work. I'm diving in head first.
Stay healthy, k?