I hope Teppo can win this!

He's nominated for the Masterton Trophy.

I think at least one person from the Sabres' organization has gone to the NHL Awards for the past two years, so let's hope that Teppo will get the chance to go!

Rah rah rah!


Craigory, you are a fine older gentleman, sir.

I always love listening to Craig Rivet's interviews because he does sound like a true leader. He knows when to place the blame on the team as a whole, and when to compliment them. I liked what he said in his interview today about Toni Lydman going to shoot during the shootout. He said that his reaction to when his name was called over the announcements was like 'What the...?', and he also thought that it was a joke. No joke, Craigory. I am still bedazzled that he won it for us in the shootout.

Rivs also touched on Maxim Lapierre's hit on Patty Kaleta. I have not seen the hit yet but I'm sure I will eventually. From what others are saying, Lapierre should be suspended for the hit he put on him. The league does need to take some action but from what Lindy said, the league isn't going to look at the incident anymore and just shrug it off. If it's because Patty has been notorious lately for having questionable hits himself, that's bullshit. The league wants to get rid of headhunting but they don't want to take hits out of the game. Guess what, you don't have to, but you have to do something about this otherwise someone is going to lose their life out there, or their career is going to be cut short.

It's your call, Gary Bettman.


She's alive!

I didn't die, I just had nothing to really post about. Even after the win against the Panthers on Wednesday, I had nothing to post about.

So now, I will post about what the hell I was doing this weekend and how I missed out on two excellent wins by the Sabres:

On Friday, Chelsea took me to her house and we headed out with her mom, her sister, and a few of her friends to the mall to go prom dress shopping. Chelsea managed to find a dress she really liked at David's Bridal so she's all set to go. Her sister, even though she is only a sophomore, is going to her boyfriend's junior prom at another school but she couldn't find any dresses she liked at any stores in the mall. We stopped by the Food Court to have dinner (Chinese, yum!), and then we headed to the Regal theater on Milestrip Rd. to go see The Haunting In Connecticut. It wasn't too bad of a horror movie but the worst part was it was opening night and there were a bunch of teenage girls sitting in front that screamed the entire time. They pretty much did it on purpose. I wouldn't recommend to go see it in theater since it wasn't a fabulous movie, but if you like those sort of things then go for it.

We went back to her house and I slept over. Someone decided to turn on the television at around midnight and kept it on the whole night, too. I kept waking up to hear various commercials. So needless to say, I didn't get any sleep that night.

Our volleyball tournament was yesterday morning, and our team lost both of our games. I am officially 0-6 for games in my entire high school career. It's too bad because I thought our team had a chance. We just fell apart in the last game. I had a fun time, though.

So after that, I joined my sister at her Alumni/UB Lady Ice Bulls dinner. They had a game later last night against one another, and I got to meet the team President and the current head coach. I gave the team president my information and email, so I hope she will eventually contact me. The team is going in a new direction in the fall, and I can't wait to join it. She sounded excited when I said I would join, and my sister said I have to get a good reputation not only on the team, but in the Alumni as well. Her teammates from the past know I'm her sister now, and one said 'Does this mean we can call you baby Clutch?' Clutch was my sister's nickname, haha. I've already been trying to lose some weight by working out and I hope I can be in good shape by the time August rolls around.

The Alumni lost to the Lady Ice Bulls by a score of 5-2, and my poor sister got the puck through her legs and they scored on that to get their fifth goal. I was going to say something but decided not to.

The only thing I know about the Toronto game on Friday is that Dominic Moore fought with Luke Schenn. I need to watch it eventually. Then yesterday, I saw some of the third period and listened to the shootout on the radio. I said they should put out Hank after Thomas failed to score (as usual), but when they put Toni out and he scored I wasn't surprised. You have to watch those defensemen, they are sneaky.

Regardless of giving Montreal the loser point in the shootout, the Sabres are still in the hunt for the playoffs! Hooray!



Photography in hockey is a beautiful thing.

I'm a visual type of person. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it here before, but I cannot listen to hockey games on the radio. It bothers me because I can't see what's going on. The sound of Rick's voice does not help me even when his voice raises and lowers depending on what is going on out on the ice. So as my parents and I are driving down the street near my house, I get on the edge of my seat; just so that I can jump out of my car and run into the house to turn the game on. That's when I can see the boys moving their legs (or not moving their legs), the puck quickly shifting from one player to the next, or around the boards, or into the net. I can see facial expressions on the players, the fans, the coaches. Visualizing hockey is a beautiful thing in my opinion. I love looking at pictures from games. Some of the things people capture are things that we might never see again, or moments in time that you can really cherish.

Which brings me to my next point and why I decided to base this post on Photography. Last night, I was bored and stayed up later than usual because I had off today from school. Good times all around. Anyways, I was on Getty Images looking to see if I could find any gems of Thomas Vanek like I normally do and I came across a photoshoot I had never seen before. This was found amongst them all:
Taken by Michael Murphree and from Getty Images. I salute you.

Why hellllo.
Okay, before I start gushing on how great Thomas looks in this picture, let me point out some things that are just so beautiful about photography with hockey.

For instance, his hair is not totally perfect. Hockey players can't all be like Derek Roy and somehow keep their fauxhawk rocking underneath their helmet. That's just crazy. Thomas' hair looks to be all over the place in the back and that's what usually happens when you got a helmet on and take it off. Your hair gets all askew. (Now I know this is a photoshoot and his hair should probably not be messy, but who cares?)

Another example is his nose. There's the tiniest cut on it; which he had gotten from a game before in Tampa Bay. The imperfections of a hockey player are what makes them so beautiful, a friend of mine once said to me. Hockey is not a sport where you should expect to stay completely scarless. There are your bumps and bruises, and there are your cuts, gashes, and stitches. The scars leave memories on your body, of the grinding you have to do in order to win games. Let alone he got that cut looong before the Sabres decided to crap out almost completely, but I'm pretty sure he still gets the bumps and bruises by standing in front of the opposing team's net.

Oh, then there is the five o'clock shadow he has going on, but who likes hockey players that are unscraggly? That's their nature. I sure as hell don't mind one bit.

So next time you look at a photograph that involves hockey, look at it closely. Look at the people's expressions. Look at the players. Notice their hand movements. Just take notice of something that really pops out in the photograph. I bet that you can find one moment in there that you like.


To Switzerland!

So I know that the Sabres aren't officially out of the playoffs yet, but I am already looking forward towards the World Championships. This will be my first year watching them and I am extremely excited. I find these games much more entertaining than those in the NHL just because players are playing for their native country. There's a lot more pride put into these games I think, and the guys look like they have plenty of fun.

I went onto the main IIHF website and looked at the schedule for the WCs:

I am so pumped for the USA-AUT game, you have no idea. I am hoping they show that on the NHL Network, otherwise I will have to try and get a feed online somewhere.

My Spring Break unfortunately will be over by the time the festivities begin, but I will try and DVR most of the games so that I can watch them when I get home from school. I would love to catch teams that I normally never hear about. Like the Latvia team, I never hear about them. Or the German team.

Gosh, I am really pumped for this now. I should be all down in the dumps because of more than likely no more hockey from our boys after the season is done with but...there is more hockey to be played elsewhere! At least it's something.


I feel different.

I'm not angry or upset about tonight's loss. Actually somewhat excited for the near future, but I'll talk about that in a post tomorrow.

Thanks for trying, boys. I saw that determination. It was there, I don't care what anyone else might say, but I saw it.


Just put a stake in it. Sabres lose, 6-3.

Well well well, another loss and another epic fail third period for the third game in a row. Lovely.

The only highlights I could gather from this game were how physical the Sabres were in the first and second (I didn't see much of the third to be honest with you), Thomas Vanek getting rather aggressive all game, Dominic Moore scoring his first goal as a Sabre, and Chris Butler getting his first NHL goal ever. The penalties were also few but at the same time, the Sabres were 0-for-6 with the Flyers being 2-for-2. Are you joking? What happened to our 5th PP and 5th PK in the league? Nice going chumps.

The Flyers also swept the Sabres this year. Absolutely disgraceful. Not only do I hate everything having to do with the Flyers, but a lot of the guys on their team just look like a bunch of douches. Especially Mike Richards. Douchus Maximus as I called him earlier on Twitter. What a joke. I don't care if he's a great player while short handed or if he's a good captain, I still hate the guy's guts.

Daniel Briere's arm pump is old. I hated when he did that even while he was still here. Sometimes I wonder why he was my favorite Sabre before Thomas Vanek came around...

Who do we play tomorrow? The Rangers? Does it even matter anymore?



Congratulations Mr. Brodeur.

You've become the winningest goalie in the National Hockey League. I'm proud of you. (: I know you would break the record.

Or did you?

Before the Sabres game began last night, I mentioned to my parents how Marty Brodeur was going to win last night and break the record for all time wins in the history of the NHL. My mom asked who he was passing, and I told her it was Patrick Roy. Then she brought up a good point: Did Brodeur play longer than Roy did?

Let's check the stats.

Patrick Roy played from 1984-2003.
Marty Brodeur played from 1991-2009.

Marty Broduer played one less year than Patrick Roy did his entire career. It looks like his record should hold. I was just curious to see if this tilted the tables a little bit, but it actually doesn't at all. So congrats again Marty!

The Sabres had a late practice today, and Lindy Ruff was asked about how all those penalties affected certain players' ice times. The three names mentioned were Stafford, Afinogenov and...you guessed it, Vanek.

Hey Lindy, let me put it like this...

Remember how you had Thomas out during the PK for the beginning of the season? Remember how confident that made him, that you trusted him enough to block shots and get the puck out during crucial moments of games? Remember when he scored two short handed goals two games in a row? WELL, IT DIDN'T EXACTLY HELP HIM WHEN YOU TOOK HIM OFF OF IT FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

Seriously, from what I remember, Vanek did great on the PK. He looked confident out there. Then all of the sudden, Lindy took him off of it. Every few games he gets a taste of it again but only for four or so seconds. That's the only beef I have against Lindy. I don't care if he's 'dangling a carrot' in front of Thomas. I don't think he was fairly taken off of the PK. He will never learn if he doesn't put trust into him.

Shows the relationship they have with one another, doesn't it?


In the words of Tupac, I ain't mad at cha, Pommers.

Or may I call you 'Pants'?

If you have iTunes and likes listening to podcasts, I suggest checking out SabreCast. The two guys who do the show are pretty funny and discuss a lot of topics that happened over the week with the Sabres. In their most recent episode, they talked about how Jason Pominville's attitude needs to change. He needs to stop sugar coating everything by saying 'Well, there's always next game.' I don't think it's in Jason's nature to be aggressive at all. He doesn't look like that type of guy. He looks like the type to curl up with you and watch Bambi - and he also looks like the type that would cry when Bambi's mother is shot. Pants wouldn't hurt a fly.

Do I wish he were more aggressive? Maybe sometimes. I like seeing Thomas get infuriated after he misses a good scoring chance because it shows he cares (and I apparently like the guys who swear...bad potty mouth, Thomas!) I have realized something over the past few weeks, though. Jason Pominville is perhaps the only Sabre would I can never get mad at. I can't explain why I feel this way about him but I do. I can...just...never be mad at him. Even after failing to clear the puck on Saturday, causing Atlanta to score, I was not angry at him in any sort of way. This is what I get for you being my second favorite Sabre, isn't it?

I ain't mad at cha, Pants. Just...score? Please?


Kudos to you, Kari.

With the help of some of his great timing saves, Kari Lethonen's team snagged the win tonight in the shootout. A short-handed goal and a goal with about three seconds left was the difference. Also, going 1-4 in the shootout while Buffalo went 0-4 helped too.

The Sabres did get a point tonight but...God help them if they wish to make the playoffs. Especially on Tuesday or whenever they face Ottawa.


I'm surprised I even have a voice still.

I am clearly high and insane in this picture, so please disregard that!

What a game that was last night! I'm glad that they snagged a win with me being in attendance. I have a 3-2 record so far this season. I think this is the last time I'm going so I am happy that they had a winning record this year when I attended, unlike last year.

My stepdad and I arrived early because I wanted to take pictures of the boys for my Photography class. We went into the store early and I got myself a Thomas Vanek picture and a Pominville shirt. I really wanted to see if they had any All Star t-shirts but they didn't. Bummer!

We were originally going to go up to our seats but then my stepdad figured we should probably just hang out near one of the sections in the 100s until warm ups so I could get my photos. We both had fries and water in the meantime, and then we sat in the Headliners restaurant and watched a game from '96 or '97, I think. It was 5-0 at the end of the second, and that's all I really remember besides there being a huge fight.

Warm ups had started and I headed on down in the one corner of the arena to take up close pictures. I get startled easily so it was funny when the puck hit the glass. I jumped everytime. I got a few good photos, and when I went back up, my stepdad was like 'Vanek was skating right at you twice and you didn't take his picture!' but then I told him if I looked into his eyes my soul would've been taken away so I couldn't do it.

I met up with Sam in the section next to that one because she went to the game with her dad. She pounced me. That was...interesting, haha. But it was nice to see her after so long...

We went up to our seats and the only Florida fans near us were in the next section over. One lady was wearing a Meyer Florida jersey while her husband was wearing an Amerks jersey. They must've came from the Rocha-cha area. It was funny when the 5-on-3 was going on because the woman was going nuts. So she thinks they would score on it...

I have a problem with watching penalty kills in person for many reasons. I get on the very edge of my seat and my legs tend to tense up. I fold my hands together and hope that someone can block a shot and get it out of the zone. I'm glad they went 0-for-4 on the power play yesterday because I would've had a heart attack if they scored on that 5-on-3.

Speaking of heart attacks, Thomas Vanek nearly gave me one at the beginning of the game. I think he had a good chance to stuff the puck in on the side but it didn't work. Then the amazing save Vokoun had on him in the second. I started screaming and then was like 'NOOOOO, EVERYTIME I GO THIS HAPPENS!' Of course when he had scored on the power play in the third, I went bonkers and yelled that I loved him. So thank you Thomas for making my night yesterday.

Someone explain to me how, no offense to him, Henrik Tallinder was the third star? Did I completely miss something that occurred last night with him? Jaro and Patty deserved their stars but Hank...eh. I don't know...

Overall, I had an amazing time last night. (: Nice to be happy about a win after those two awful losses.


Guys. That was gross.

I don't want to talk about last night's game because I left after Philly scored in the beginning of the third. I know what the outcome was. Ugh.

Good news is that I am going to the game tomorrow! I had the option of choosing a game (I mentioned this previously) and I chose this one. Should be a great and close game. I also feel like a lot of people I know are going. My ex is going with her dad. Melissa is going. Cari and Kim are going, and are sitting with S(h)ara. I am sitting near their section so we're going to try and meet up. *crosses fingers* I sure hope I can meet you ladies!

Please, Sabres. Please win tomorrow. It'll probably the last game I go to this year so wrap it up in a bow and such, and get a win against a team that you're trying to catch.


It's time for another installment of...


What I have noticed in most of Jason Pominville's blog posts is his use of the word 'definitely'. I noticed this because I tend to say 'definitely' a lot myself. For example:

We definitely have to put that one behind us and look forward to going into Philly.

Yes you do, because Philadelphia is in fourth, if I'm not mistaken. Now I have no hopes of the Sabres getting that high in the standings, but it would be a wonderful wish, wouldn't it?

He mentions Briere might be back, but I don't think so. He hasn't played in either of the games we played against the Flyers so far...and to be honest, I wouldn't mind if he wasn't in the other two either. Sorry Danny.

He ends with a note about how well the special teams have been. I hope that the streak can continue with those two aspects of the game, for I enjoy seeing a good PK and a lot of goals on the power play. Now if they could just figure out 5-on-5...


You all need a psychiatrist.

I really do not understand the problem the Sabres have whenever they face the Senators.

Before the game began last night, Rick and Harry made note of how mediocre the Sabres have been against Ottawa for the past few seasons. I now they weren't good against them in 05-06, and I definitely know they weren't good the past three seasons, but I'm not sure about before the lockout. I can easily see how...tense the team looks whenever they play Ottawa. Guys don't finish their checks too often (unless you are Kaleta, or Goose), and don't even get me started on them clearing the puck out of their own zone. What awful hockey.

This statement from the recap on Sabres.com is mindblowing.

The Senators are 19-6-4 overall against Buffalo through the last four seasons.

"Everybody's talking about it and talking about it, and I think we just need to loosen up, don't think about it," Sabres defenseman Jaroslav Spacek said. "We can play any team in the league, it's in our heads that we're losing to them game after game after game. We need to think that it's a different team."

Talk about utterly disgusting because Ottawa's best line for most of this season has been the Alfredsson-Spezza-Heatley line, and when you shut them down, the rest of the team rarely gets going. Oh wait, but the Sabres seem to not want to even touch them. My oldest brother Jason says it all the time - back when the Ducks played the Senators in the Finals, Heatley and Spezza disappeared when they were hit. That's all the Sabres have to do, but do they? No, of course not. The hit on Kovalev that Goose made on Wednesday set the tone for the game early and gave the Sabres plenty of momentum. Something should've occurred like that last night, too.

Spacek's quote is correct, but how long can the Sabres say that they 'need to think it's a different team'? I won't be surprised if nothing changs the next time they play Ottawa. If they do then it will be a huge step in the right direction. I say huge because it seems to take a miracle for them to beat the Sens.

With the loss, the Sabres are now in 10th place. Carolina moved up to 7th. We could've been 6th for a little while. Depressing.

My brother had to talk about T.O. on WGR yesterday morning, and if you haven't seen or heard already...Him and Marshawn could get matching tattoos saying 'Jail buddies 4 lyfe'.


I hate these games.

I was watching the NHL Network earlier while doing my English essay because the Lake Erie Monsters were playing the Rochester Americans and I love seeing the Amerks get destroyed for some reason. I live in the Rochester area too. Anyways, while watching they were showing the games upcoming tonight, and a stat for Jason Spezza came up:

He has 50 something points in, I think, 46 games against Buffalo. Disgusting.

There's your info for the day. If the Sabres manage to pummel the Senators today I'm sure I'll make a more decent, well thought out post after the game.


Now that the waters are calm.

I was going to make a post yesterday about the trade deadline but I didn't have enough time and I went to bed after the game last night. This is my post to make up for that.

We all know the Sabres received Mikael Tellqvist from Phoenix and Dominic Moore from Toronto (good call on that trade, Roby). We also know that Kotalik was sent away to the far lands of Alberta, Canada to the Oilers. Oh Ales, we shall miss you and your slap shot. Thomas will miss you too. Everyone he rooms with gets traded or something! Now he's going to be lonely...*tear*

I am really surprised that Jay Bouwmeester was not traded off somewhere in return for millions of other players from one team. I know that Florida is doing extremely well this year, but I just feel like the guy is wasting away down in the land of the intense sun and old people. He needs to get the heck out of there like Ilya Kovalchuk needs to get out of Atlanta, and pronto.

Now for some pictures of our lovely new additions:

First up, Mikael Tellqvist.
He still played for Toronto at this point, but check out that crazy Swedish hair. I love him already.

Hold on - he is in the same picture as a guy wearing a Minnesota Golden Gophers jersey? Awesooooome.

He visits little kidders at the hopsital too. Awww. (: So sweet!

Secondly, Dominic Moore.
I love a man who can wear a pair of blue jeans.

I don't know what the heck is going on, but it look like a school function. I'd love it if a Sabre came to my school to do something like this. Goose? Thomas? Pommers? Anyone? Call me.

Is anyone else having problems watching interviews on Sabres.com? It's really bugging me.


Nice jacket/I will cry if that long practice did nothing.

Thomas Vanek is getting ready to head out into a storm, it looks like. That jacket is mammoth. I wonder if he realizes he buys clothes for himself that are possibly 2x too big. Just saying.
I love him anyways.

The Sabres had one of the longest practices this season today. Good, I'm glad to see Lindy try and get something out of this team because I don't know how much more of this I can take. It's reaching the point where I'm starting not to care. Boys, I want to care. I want there to be a postseason. I can't bear to think of watching you last game in the beginning of April...it hurt too much last time.

I hope that something can start on Wednesday. We need wins deperately. If the magic number is 92, then there isn't much time for improvement - we need these wins now.


It's that time again...

Google Analytics!

"puck over glass penalty"
Too bad my blog has never even spoken of the actually penalty before. Someday it'll happen.

"adam mair girlfriend"
I don't even think I've ever mentioned his wife here. Maybe I did and I don't remember, haha.

"thomas vanek puck in face"

""thomas vanek""
I don't get why it's in quotations.

"adam mair's girlfriend"
"vanek puck face"
Again, )':

"wade redden shirtless"
Whoooooa, back up. I don't want to see him shirtless, thanks.

"case of mono"
Oh Phil Kessel, it's amazing how much traffic you brought me this past month.

"shelby rose +tampa"
I don't get this.

"thomas vanek" + "wife"
There was a picture of them in THN. I was ecstatic.