Nice jacket/I will cry if that long practice did nothing.

Thomas Vanek is getting ready to head out into a storm, it looks like. That jacket is mammoth. I wonder if he realizes he buys clothes for himself that are possibly 2x too big. Just saying.
I love him anyways.

The Sabres had one of the longest practices this season today. Good, I'm glad to see Lindy try and get something out of this team because I don't know how much more of this I can take. It's reaching the point where I'm starting not to care. Boys, I want to care. I want there to be a postseason. I can't bear to think of watching you last game in the beginning of April...it hurt too much last time.

I hope that something can start on Wednesday. We need wins deperately. If the magic number is 92, then there isn't much time for improvement - we need these wins now.

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