I'm surprised I even have a voice still.

I am clearly high and insane in this picture, so please disregard that!

What a game that was last night! I'm glad that they snagged a win with me being in attendance. I have a 3-2 record so far this season. I think this is the last time I'm going so I am happy that they had a winning record this year when I attended, unlike last year.

My stepdad and I arrived early because I wanted to take pictures of the boys for my Photography class. We went into the store early and I got myself a Thomas Vanek picture and a Pominville shirt. I really wanted to see if they had any All Star t-shirts but they didn't. Bummer!

We were originally going to go up to our seats but then my stepdad figured we should probably just hang out near one of the sections in the 100s until warm ups so I could get my photos. We both had fries and water in the meantime, and then we sat in the Headliners restaurant and watched a game from '96 or '97, I think. It was 5-0 at the end of the second, and that's all I really remember besides there being a huge fight.

Warm ups had started and I headed on down in the one corner of the arena to take up close pictures. I get startled easily so it was funny when the puck hit the glass. I jumped everytime. I got a few good photos, and when I went back up, my stepdad was like 'Vanek was skating right at you twice and you didn't take his picture!' but then I told him if I looked into his eyes my soul would've been taken away so I couldn't do it.

I met up with Sam in the section next to that one because she went to the game with her dad. She pounced me. That was...interesting, haha. But it was nice to see her after so long...

We went up to our seats and the only Florida fans near us were in the next section over. One lady was wearing a Meyer Florida jersey while her husband was wearing an Amerks jersey. They must've came from the Rocha-cha area. It was funny when the 5-on-3 was going on because the woman was going nuts. So she thinks they would score on it...

I have a problem with watching penalty kills in person for many reasons. I get on the very edge of my seat and my legs tend to tense up. I fold my hands together and hope that someone can block a shot and get it out of the zone. I'm glad they went 0-for-4 on the power play yesterday because I would've had a heart attack if they scored on that 5-on-3.

Speaking of heart attacks, Thomas Vanek nearly gave me one at the beginning of the game. I think he had a good chance to stuff the puck in on the side but it didn't work. Then the amazing save Vokoun had on him in the second. I started screaming and then was like 'NOOOOO, EVERYTIME I GO THIS HAPPENS!' Of course when he had scored on the power play in the third, I went bonkers and yelled that I loved him. So thank you Thomas for making my night yesterday.

Someone explain to me how, no offense to him, Henrik Tallinder was the third star? Did I completely miss something that occurred last night with him? Jaro and Patty deserved their stars but Hank...eh. I don't know...

Overall, I had an amazing time last night. (: Nice to be happy about a win after those two awful losses.


Cari said...

One lady was wearing a Meyer Florida jersey while her husband was wearing an Amerks jersey

THIS JUST MADE ME RIDICULOUSLY HAPPY AT 6:50 IN THE MORNING. I am in love with Stefan Meyer, and I'm so glad that I'm not the only one!! He and I have a ridiculous connection. He was blatantly staring at me through then entire American national anthem at a Rochester game last season. It was beautiful. =]

Shelby Rose said...

He was checking you out during the national anthem! :P I wonder if he would still do the same now if you went to go see them play.