Now that the waters are calm.

I was going to make a post yesterday about the trade deadline but I didn't have enough time and I went to bed after the game last night. This is my post to make up for that.

We all know the Sabres received Mikael Tellqvist from Phoenix and Dominic Moore from Toronto (good call on that trade, Roby). We also know that Kotalik was sent away to the far lands of Alberta, Canada to the Oilers. Oh Ales, we shall miss you and your slap shot. Thomas will miss you too. Everyone he rooms with gets traded or something! Now he's going to be lonely...*tear*

I am really surprised that Jay Bouwmeester was not traded off somewhere in return for millions of other players from one team. I know that Florida is doing extremely well this year, but I just feel like the guy is wasting away down in the land of the intense sun and old people. He needs to get the heck out of there like Ilya Kovalchuk needs to get out of Atlanta, and pronto.

Now for some pictures of our lovely new additions:

First up, Mikael Tellqvist.
He still played for Toronto at this point, but check out that crazy Swedish hair. I love him already.

Hold on - he is in the same picture as a guy wearing a Minnesota Golden Gophers jersey? Awesooooome.

He visits little kidders at the hopsital too. Awww. (: So sweet!

Secondly, Dominic Moore.
I love a man who can wear a pair of blue jeans.

I don't know what the heck is going on, but it look like a school function. I'd love it if a Sabre came to my school to do something like this. Goose? Thomas? Pommers? Anyone? Call me.

Is anyone else having problems watching interviews on Sabres.com? It's really bugging me.


Jill said...

I couldn't watch any interviews yesterday... I haven't tried today... I didn't feel like cussing up a storm.

Shelby Rose said...

It started to work for me late yesterday evening. I hope that they work for you too!