Just put a stake in it. Sabres lose, 6-3.

Well well well, another loss and another epic fail third period for the third game in a row. Lovely.

The only highlights I could gather from this game were how physical the Sabres were in the first and second (I didn't see much of the third to be honest with you), Thomas Vanek getting rather aggressive all game, Dominic Moore scoring his first goal as a Sabre, and Chris Butler getting his first NHL goal ever. The penalties were also few but at the same time, the Sabres were 0-for-6 with the Flyers being 2-for-2. Are you joking? What happened to our 5th PP and 5th PK in the league? Nice going chumps.

The Flyers also swept the Sabres this year. Absolutely disgraceful. Not only do I hate everything having to do with the Flyers, but a lot of the guys on their team just look like a bunch of douches. Especially Mike Richards. Douchus Maximus as I called him earlier on Twitter. What a joke. I don't care if he's a great player while short handed or if he's a good captain, I still hate the guy's guts.

Daniel Briere's arm pump is old. I hated when he did that even while he was still here. Sometimes I wonder why he was my favorite Sabre before Thomas Vanek came around...

Who do we play tomorrow? The Rangers? Does it even matter anymore?


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