In the words of Tupac, I ain't mad at cha, Pommers.

Or may I call you 'Pants'?

If you have iTunes and likes listening to podcasts, I suggest checking out SabreCast. The two guys who do the show are pretty funny and discuss a lot of topics that happened over the week with the Sabres. In their most recent episode, they talked about how Jason Pominville's attitude needs to change. He needs to stop sugar coating everything by saying 'Well, there's always next game.' I don't think it's in Jason's nature to be aggressive at all. He doesn't look like that type of guy. He looks like the type to curl up with you and watch Bambi - and he also looks like the type that would cry when Bambi's mother is shot. Pants wouldn't hurt a fly.

Do I wish he were more aggressive? Maybe sometimes. I like seeing Thomas get infuriated after he misses a good scoring chance because it shows he cares (and I apparently like the guys who swear...bad potty mouth, Thomas!) I have realized something over the past few weeks, though. Jason Pominville is perhaps the only Sabre would I can never get mad at. I can't explain why I feel this way about him but I do. I can...just...never be mad at him. Even after failing to clear the puck on Saturday, causing Atlanta to score, I was not angry at him in any sort of way. This is what I get for you being my second favorite Sabre, isn't it?

I ain't mad at cha, Pants. Just...score? Please?

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