Craigory, you are a fine older gentleman, sir.

I always love listening to Craig Rivet's interviews because he does sound like a true leader. He knows when to place the blame on the team as a whole, and when to compliment them. I liked what he said in his interview today about Toni Lydman going to shoot during the shootout. He said that his reaction to when his name was called over the announcements was like 'What the...?', and he also thought that it was a joke. No joke, Craigory. I am still bedazzled that he won it for us in the shootout.

Rivs also touched on Maxim Lapierre's hit on Patty Kaleta. I have not seen the hit yet but I'm sure I will eventually. From what others are saying, Lapierre should be suspended for the hit he put on him. The league does need to take some action but from what Lindy said, the league isn't going to look at the incident anymore and just shrug it off. If it's because Patty has been notorious lately for having questionable hits himself, that's bullshit. The league wants to get rid of headhunting but they don't want to take hits out of the game. Guess what, you don't have to, but you have to do something about this otherwise someone is going to lose their life out there, or their career is going to be cut short.

It's your call, Gary Bettman.


Jill said...

Someone already has lost their career... ask Dominic Moore how his brother is...

Shelby Rose said...

Good call, Jill! There is one incident that the league should look back on and think about - hard. I'm sure no one wants to see that sort of thing ever happen again.