Congratulations Mr. Brodeur.

You've become the winningest goalie in the National Hockey League. I'm proud of you. (: I know you would break the record.

Or did you?

Before the Sabres game began last night, I mentioned to my parents how Marty Brodeur was going to win last night and break the record for all time wins in the history of the NHL. My mom asked who he was passing, and I told her it was Patrick Roy. Then she brought up a good point: Did Brodeur play longer than Roy did?

Let's check the stats.

Patrick Roy played from 1984-2003.
Marty Brodeur played from 1991-2009.

Marty Broduer played one less year than Patrick Roy did his entire career. It looks like his record should hold. I was just curious to see if this tilted the tables a little bit, but it actually doesn't at all. So congrats again Marty!

The Sabres had a late practice today, and Lindy Ruff was asked about how all those penalties affected certain players' ice times. The three names mentioned were Stafford, Afinogenov and...you guessed it, Vanek.

Hey Lindy, let me put it like this...

Remember how you had Thomas out during the PK for the beginning of the season? Remember how confident that made him, that you trusted him enough to block shots and get the puck out during crucial moments of games? Remember when he scored two short handed goals two games in a row? WELL, IT DIDN'T EXACTLY HELP HIM WHEN YOU TOOK HIM OFF OF IT FOR NO APPARENT REASON.

Seriously, from what I remember, Vanek did great on the PK. He looked confident out there. Then all of the sudden, Lindy took him off of it. Every few games he gets a taste of it again but only for four or so seconds. That's the only beef I have against Lindy. I don't care if he's 'dangling a carrot' in front of Thomas. I don't think he was fairly taken off of the PK. He will never learn if he doesn't put trust into him.

Shows the relationship they have with one another, doesn't it?

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Anonymous said...

When Marty won, I cried. It couldn't have happened to a better guy.