Postgame: 10-24-10.

I don't understand how the Sabres can play so well on the road and then look horrible when they're playing at home. I didn't see the Ottawa game because I was at work but I was intermittently listening to it on the radio so I knew they lost. I have no idea how they played since I didn't read anything up on it either. They went 0-4-1 for the times they were at home and right now are looking like road warriors. I guess that's a good thing but at the same thing, it's a really bad thing. You need to be able to win at home too...Maybe they'll figure things out when November comes around.

Ilya Kovalchuk was scratched last night for reasons that continue to be unknown to the fans perspective. Also, the media doesn't seem to know what's going on because the Devils' GM is keeping his mouth shut. The fact that he is getting paid $100 million and was now scratched for a game should be a concern for the Devils. A HUGE concern. Who knows what is going on behind closed doors but it feels as if the organization is going to crack soon. That's what happens when you practically sign a guy for life...

The Sabres beating Hedberg last night was comforting since he's had our number in Atlanta for years. The Devils just did not look good either, even though for the beginning portion of the game they did look like the team with fresher legs. I think Niedermayer and Gerbe got their first points last night so good for them! It looks like this year the goals will be coming from all different guys again. At least it won't just be two or one guys...speaking of which, I won't be surprised if Thomas takes over the goal scoring lead on the team. At least pucks are starting to go in for him now. It's nice to see him be rewarded for his effort.

The Sabres don't play again until Tuesday in Philadelphia so they're getting a nice break. Hopefully they can take it to them. Go Sabres.


Postgame: 10-21-10.

There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the boys finally get a win over a team that they should beat night in and night out. It was even better to see that they took advantage of a team that just got back from their west coast adventure. We as Sabres fans know how that goes when the boys get back home...yeesh. Those this year might be different since they don't even know how to win at home. AWESOME.

Tyler Ennis started off the scoring by getting a shot past Chris Mason. Now, the shot would have been a totally easy save if Mason hadn't dropped down early. It was definitely a weak goal but nice to see that the Sabres got on the board first. Tyler Myers added one on the power play in the second period and that was his first goal. Cody McCormick got his second of the season just a few minutes after that, and then in the third period, Thomas Vanek FINALLY ripped a shot from about twenty feet out and it went right passed Mason. He looked up to the ceiling after he scored, you could tell he was happy something finally went in. Maybe this now means that he can be on a streak.

I think that overall, the boys played well yesterday. There were a few times where I was questioning their skating ability because it just looked like the game was slow. Or maybe it was just Atlanta. Seriously, they along with the Blue Jackets got a record for the lowest attendance at a hockey game in the NHL (I think) yesterday. My one brother suggested we fly to Atlanta and sit near the glass because no one clearly had tickets to that game. I bet being a fan of someone other than the Thrashers and going to see your team for cheap is very nice. I would adore that. Not the weather, but being that close every night. I have family that lives down there that are fans of both the Sabres and Thrashers but I think they only go when the Sabres come to town. Totally understandable. My uncle keeps me updated on in game stuff that they do and he says he can't stand it.

The Sabres are playing the Senators tomorrow, and I'm actually looking forward to this game. I'll be at work and maybe I'll be able to listen to it on the radio, so I can hear if the first game was just a fluke or that they might actually be able to compete against this team. Remember boys, the Senators are not that much better than you. Don't let them continually get to your heads. You've got this.

Go Sabres.


It begins.

I'd like to thank the creator of Twitter for coming up with the idea for it. You see, especially during hockey games, I'm a raving lunatic. I need to express my anger or my complete happiness somewhere and I can't do it outloud at my house because of my mother usually being in bed during hockey games. I swear up a storm, use all caps. I am that type of person when it comes to watching this sport. For all those people who still follow me even after reading my obscene comments, thanks for sticking around. I think I use Twitter to get out all of my frustration and if I want to write a blog post the next day, I'm extremely calm. So thanks for that, creator of Twitter. You had people like me in your mind when you came up with the concept.

The Sabres lost their fifth straight game yesterday, and Phil over at Black & Blue & Gold had mentioned on Twitter if anyone remembered the ten game losing streak. To be honest, that came into my mind after the Devils game. I didn't really think they would lose the next two games after that but it just doesn't seem like ANYTHING is going right for this team right now. Both goaltenders can't seem to steal a W (though Ryan did steal a point for the boys against New Jersey). We can't seem to score more than three goals a game and that's only happened two out of the six games. Thomas Vanek can't get the puck in the net. Most shots on goal but nothing to show for it which is just REALLY, REALLY weird. It isn't like he's not trying, he is but the puck keeps avoiding to go in the net when he shoots it. Our defensive pairings are really screwed up. I don't know what happened to Tyler but I think he is now a minus seven. Guys, that's really bad considering I think he was a plus player last year. I hope this is just a fluke and he doesn't have the dreaded sophomore slump.

It was comforting to see more guys than Derek Roy score last night, that's for sure. Drew, Goose, and Cody all got on the board. Thomas got an assist (WOO HOO) but that could not stop the Hawks. I said it on Twitter, I said it on Facebook - time to get more goal songs. Obviously you're going to love it because it pisses off opposing teams and fans and if you're a Hawks fan, but if you plan on having this song 20+ years into the future then have fun with that disaster. I don't even care about the Hawks in terms of I do not love them or hate them but I HATE that song during the hockey season. It's too bad I'll have to hear it more while watching the Canucks play them this year, ugh.

The Sabres next game is on Wednesday and I think fans deserve a break from this. I wonder if Lindy will be able to light a fire under their butts so they come out flying because the Thrashers have our number badly. It's time to take care of teams who are less talented than we are - or are they?

Go Sabres.


Postgame: 10-11-10.

No one wants to see a player get hurt, no matter what team it is. Unless you're Flyers fans but that's a whole 'nother story for a different time. As most of us know Jason Pominville got hit from behind by Niklas Hjarlmasson last night. Niklas isn't a dirty player by any means but the hit itself was quite dirty and left Jason motionless on the ice for a little bit. Lindy says he has a concussion and will be out for a least a week. Niklas received a two game suspension for it.

...Wait, only two games?!

I think it would be different if the James Wisniewski/Sean Avery incident didn't happen earlier yesterday too. If you haven't heard about that, Wiz made a very inappropriate gesture towards Avery and that caused a ruckus. Now, he was also suspended for two games. Are you telling me the league is putting inappropriate gestures in the SAME category as getting a concussion and thankfully not being hurt worse? You bet they are.

This league is a joke and frankly, I don't wonder why anymore they don't show it on national television. Colin Campbell doesn't understand how to hand out suspensions. Neither do I, but I'm sure there's a better person out there for the job. If anything, Niklas should stay out until Jason comes back as punishment. An eye for an eye so to speak. It would just make sense.

I know I put 'Postgame' in the heading, but I don't know what to say about last night other than I'm glad Jason is all right. I don't know what happened to the boys out there and so far, I've only listened to one interview about what went on. From reading others' Tweets, it sounds like they said the right things after the loss. Hopefully they can turn it around for tomorrow night's game when they face a familiar looking dude - Henrik Tallinder.

TEAOTAS is going to the game tomorrow too so look out for matching Rivet jerseys if you want to say hi. Go Sabres.


TEAOTAS crashes the home opener.

And the Sabres manage to crash it too, in a horrible way.

They dropped a 6-3 decision against the New York Rangers and decided to let Derek Stepan get his first NHL goal PLUS a hat trick in his first NHL game. For the record, congratulations Derek! He is only the fourth rookie to ever do that in his first NHL game which is pretty impressive. He capitalized on his chances which the Sabres did not do for most of the night last night. He is now the answer to a trivia question.

Tamara and I made it to the arena rather early and got our magnet schedules (!!!). We then did the usual, watching pregame warm ups and whatnot. The Sabres decided to change the Sabres In Traffic photos around the arena so now I get to see this whenever I get up the stairs:

*wiggles eyebrows*
Moving on.

My brother and mom were at the game too, FUN TIMES. My mom hasn't been to a game in a couple of years, and it's sad she had to see that monstrosity of a game last night. Seriously, they had almost forty (if not over) shots on goal and could only score three. Their power play units need to be shot. Everyone would not skate last night. WHAT GIVES? I understand back to back nights but you can't always use that as an excuse.

I was so angry by the end of the game that I was yelling at Rangers fans to go back to the city. Like, literally screaming it. Also calling the Sabres bastards but I never booed them once since I don't roll like that. Yesterday was just SUCH a sloppy game. I started laughing in the third just because that's all you can do when your favorite team plays like that. I'm pretty sure all of my screaming helped me feel much better though.

For the record, Thomas Vanek has the lowest +/- on this team with a -5. Go figure. Haha, man, I hate life right now.

The Sabres face the Stanley Cup champions tomorrow and I hope that it'll be more exciting in that both teams will score a lot of goals. With the Sabres coming out on top, of course. Someone needs to wreck Patrick Kane's life too, that would be spendid.

Go Sabres.


TEAOTAS returns for the preseason.

Tamara and I actually attended the Leafs game together too, but since I made a video for that game I figured it was unnecessary for the TEAOTAS post. So for the first time this season, TEAOTAS has returned! I know you're all excited to hear about our stupidawesome adventures throughout this season as we go to games. We sat fairly close at the game yesterday and neither of us brought our cameras. Can you say epic fail? Ah well, I'm dangerous with a camera to begin with and sitting up close would have been more of a disaster if I had it on me. Tamara and I apparently were on the Flyers feed at one point if you were watching online or on the NHL Network, and were seen talking. Honest to God, that's not different from how we usually are during games anyways.

The Flyers got off to a quick 2-0 start and the annoying Flyers fans that were sitting near us caused a ruckus. Then that's when the onslaught began with eight straight goals. I was hoping for ten, but I GUESS nine is okay. :P It was a good way to end the preseason with a huge win like that, but as Flyers fans would probably say 'YOU BEAT OUR B-TEAM!!!111' That's your B-Team? They need some work. Better get on that, Phantoms.

Can we talk about Drew Stafford for a minute? You already have? I'm going to talk about him again anyways. I'm talking about the goal. You know what I'm talking about. As soon as the puck went into the net, I turned to Tamara and went 'that was an Ovechkin goal'. There's no video of it online as of yet, but it reminds me of the goal he scored against the Leafs two seasons ago. I stand by my statement that I said on Twitter that the guy is going to get 35+ goals this season. Not good in a contract year? I don't care, the guy deserves a good season and everyone to get off his back. He also got the first star which we were happy to see. :) Aww, Drewseph.

It's weird to think that the real season starts on Thursday for the league. It's about time, to be honest. I just wonder how the boys are going to come out against Ottawa on Friday...we shall see, won't we?

As an end to this post, I am leaving you with the new Ryan Miller ad. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. There's something about the frustration in his eyes when Don LeGreca says over the commercial 'but do you think they can be a Stanley Cup contender?' It speaks for this city, those eyes. Enjoy.


This isn't working out as nicely as I thought it would.

For the oddest reason, my videos refuse to upload within a first attempt and I have to keep trying. They keep not working and it's NOT because they're corrupted. It happened with my Ottawa video and now it's happening with my Montreal one so I'm basically saying 'fuck it' and plan on not doing them for awhile. Besides, I sort of miss writing down all of my thoughts and acting like a real blogger.

I was working at Timmy's last night and thankfully since I was put on dishes, I could listen to the Sabres game on the radio. From what I could hear, it sounded as if the Sabres got a LOT of dumb penalties that cost them considering both non-empty net Flyer goals were on the Power Play. I thought our penalty kill was solid for the most part this preseason but if you're going to continue to take a bunch of penalties in the game, you're eventually going to get scored on. Especially with giving two 5-on-3 advantages. Unless you're the Sabres and you're playing the Sens but that's a whole 'nother story.

I also heard that Tim Connolly possibly got hurt last night because his leg twisted in a weird angle and scared the crap out of all of Buffalo, as per usual. He ended up coming back later on and apparently looked fine. I'm going to make a bold prediction right now and says he plays all 82 - YES, ALL OF THEM - games this year. He won't have any back problems, no concussions, no fractured discs of the sort. It'll be a smooth year. He was close last season and then he had that mishap at the end of it, but I really believe that he'll be fine considering this is also a contract year for him.

I'm going to the game on Sunday so if any lovely bloggers want to meet up at some point, send me an email or Tweet at me. I'd love to say hello and/or finally meet you!