Postgame: 10-11-10.

No one wants to see a player get hurt, no matter what team it is. Unless you're Flyers fans but that's a whole 'nother story for a different time. As most of us know Jason Pominville got hit from behind by Niklas Hjarlmasson last night. Niklas isn't a dirty player by any means but the hit itself was quite dirty and left Jason motionless on the ice for a little bit. Lindy says he has a concussion and will be out for a least a week. Niklas received a two game suspension for it.

...Wait, only two games?!

I think it would be different if the James Wisniewski/Sean Avery incident didn't happen earlier yesterday too. If you haven't heard about that, Wiz made a very inappropriate gesture towards Avery and that caused a ruckus. Now, he was also suspended for two games. Are you telling me the league is putting inappropriate gestures in the SAME category as getting a concussion and thankfully not being hurt worse? You bet they are.

This league is a joke and frankly, I don't wonder why anymore they don't show it on national television. Colin Campbell doesn't understand how to hand out suspensions. Neither do I, but I'm sure there's a better person out there for the job. If anything, Niklas should stay out until Jason comes back as punishment. An eye for an eye so to speak. It would just make sense.

I know I put 'Postgame' in the heading, but I don't know what to say about last night other than I'm glad Jason is all right. I don't know what happened to the boys out there and so far, I've only listened to one interview about what went on. From reading others' Tweets, it sounds like they said the right things after the loss. Hopefully they can turn it around for tomorrow night's game when they face a familiar looking dude - Henrik Tallinder.

TEAOTAS is going to the game tomorrow too so look out for matching Rivet jerseys if you want to say hi. Go Sabres.

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