This isn't working out as nicely as I thought it would.

For the oddest reason, my videos refuse to upload within a first attempt and I have to keep trying. They keep not working and it's NOT because they're corrupted. It happened with my Ottawa video and now it's happening with my Montreal one so I'm basically saying 'fuck it' and plan on not doing them for awhile. Besides, I sort of miss writing down all of my thoughts and acting like a real blogger.

I was working at Timmy's last night and thankfully since I was put on dishes, I could listen to the Sabres game on the radio. From what I could hear, it sounded as if the Sabres got a LOT of dumb penalties that cost them considering both non-empty net Flyer goals were on the Power Play. I thought our penalty kill was solid for the most part this preseason but if you're going to continue to take a bunch of penalties in the game, you're eventually going to get scored on. Especially with giving two 5-on-3 advantages. Unless you're the Sabres and you're playing the Sens but that's a whole 'nother story.

I also heard that Tim Connolly possibly got hurt last night because his leg twisted in a weird angle and scared the crap out of all of Buffalo, as per usual. He ended up coming back later on and apparently looked fine. I'm going to make a bold prediction right now and says he plays all 82 - YES, ALL OF THEM - games this year. He won't have any back problems, no concussions, no fractured discs of the sort. It'll be a smooth year. He was close last season and then he had that mishap at the end of it, but I really believe that he'll be fine considering this is also a contract year for him.

I'm going to the game on Sunday so if any lovely bloggers want to meet up at some point, send me an email or Tweet at me. I'd love to say hello and/or finally meet you!


Melissa Kania said...

Well, we gave up two 5-on-3 advantages in TWO games straight now. Unfortunately, last night we weren't so lucky and couldn't kill them both off, but I think that was bound to happen. We can't expect to keep taking penalties like that without consequence.

I'm not sure if you heard, but Kassian also left the game with a leg injury and didn't return. I'm really hoping it's just a precautionary thing and that he'll be okay, because I'm looking forward to seeing more of what he can do.

Shelby Rose said...

We had two from the Montreal game? Good lord, these boys need to learn to STAY OUT. Especially from what I was hearing like slashing and such. Not needed.

I hope the Kassian situation is like the Vanek one on Thursday where they took him off for precautionary reasons.