Postgame: 10-24-10.

I don't understand how the Sabres can play so well on the road and then look horrible when they're playing at home. I didn't see the Ottawa game because I was at work but I was intermittently listening to it on the radio so I knew they lost. I have no idea how they played since I didn't read anything up on it either. They went 0-4-1 for the times they were at home and right now are looking like road warriors. I guess that's a good thing but at the same thing, it's a really bad thing. You need to be able to win at home too...Maybe they'll figure things out when November comes around.

Ilya Kovalchuk was scratched last night for reasons that continue to be unknown to the fans perspective. Also, the media doesn't seem to know what's going on because the Devils' GM is keeping his mouth shut. The fact that he is getting paid $100 million and was now scratched for a game should be a concern for the Devils. A HUGE concern. Who knows what is going on behind closed doors but it feels as if the organization is going to crack soon. That's what happens when you practically sign a guy for life...

The Sabres beating Hedberg last night was comforting since he's had our number in Atlanta for years. The Devils just did not look good either, even though for the beginning portion of the game they did look like the team with fresher legs. I think Niedermayer and Gerbe got their first points last night so good for them! It looks like this year the goals will be coming from all different guys again. At least it won't just be two or one guys...speaking of which, I won't be surprised if Thomas takes over the goal scoring lead on the team. At least pucks are starting to go in for him now. It's nice to see him be rewarded for his effort.

The Sabres don't play again until Tuesday in Philadelphia so they're getting a nice break. Hopefully they can take it to them. Go Sabres.


Melissa Kania said...

The Devils' coach said "It's between me and him." It definitely sounds like something's up, since he was at practice yesterday morning & was even seen prepping his sticks for the game. MacLean said the decision was made 'midday,' which sounds... weird. He also said that Kovalchuk *might* be scratched for today's game against the Rangers... it's really odd.

I can't believe 11 Sabres had points last night. It's good to have different guys able to produce.

Shelby Rose said...

We probably won't know what's going on for awhile, unless this 'scratching' continues past tonight's game...I wonder if he'll go through with it and sit him again tonight.

Ooo, it was that many? That's great! As long as there's balanced scoring, I don't really mind who is getting the goals. It's better to have multiple guys scoring with less amount of goals with one guy scoring and making up 75% of the production.

Melissa Kania said...

Yeah, I don't know. It's crazy. If he's scratching him due to lack of performance, that's a problem considering Kovalchuk is the reason they can't call anyone up from the minors.

Yes! I'm a nerd, but..
Stafford (1G)
Myers (1G)
Ennis (1G, 1A)
Kaleta (1G)
Vanek (2G)
Roy (2A)
Grier (2A)
Niedermayer (2A)
Leopold (2A)
Gaustad (1A)
Gerbe (1A)

Shelby Rose said...

Aw, that's not being a nerd! That's being very informative. :) I'm actually surprised the scoring wasn't distributed even further.

CriminallyVu1gar said...

Nothing turns me off to a team more than losing at home. I absolutely hate that crap.