TEAOTAS crashes the home opener.

And the Sabres manage to crash it too, in a horrible way.

They dropped a 6-3 decision against the New York Rangers and decided to let Derek Stepan get his first NHL goal PLUS a hat trick in his first NHL game. For the record, congratulations Derek! He is only the fourth rookie to ever do that in his first NHL game which is pretty impressive. He capitalized on his chances which the Sabres did not do for most of the night last night. He is now the answer to a trivia question.

Tamara and I made it to the arena rather early and got our magnet schedules (!!!). We then did the usual, watching pregame warm ups and whatnot. The Sabres decided to change the Sabres In Traffic photos around the arena so now I get to see this whenever I get up the stairs:

*wiggles eyebrows*
Moving on.

My brother and mom were at the game too, FUN TIMES. My mom hasn't been to a game in a couple of years, and it's sad she had to see that monstrosity of a game last night. Seriously, they had almost forty (if not over) shots on goal and could only score three. Their power play units need to be shot. Everyone would not skate last night. WHAT GIVES? I understand back to back nights but you can't always use that as an excuse.

I was so angry by the end of the game that I was yelling at Rangers fans to go back to the city. Like, literally screaming it. Also calling the Sabres bastards but I never booed them once since I don't roll like that. Yesterday was just SUCH a sloppy game. I started laughing in the third just because that's all you can do when your favorite team plays like that. I'm pretty sure all of my screaming helped me feel much better though.

For the record, Thomas Vanek has the lowest +/- on this team with a -5. Go figure. Haha, man, I hate life right now.

The Sabres face the Stanley Cup champions tomorrow and I hope that it'll be more exciting in that both teams will score a lot of goals. With the Sabres coming out on top, of course. Someone needs to wreck Patrick Kane's life too, that would be spendid.

Go Sabres.


Melissa Kania said...

*protects Kaner* MINE.

I'm nervous about tomorrow's game. We absolutely have to play better than we did yesterday or we'll get wrecked. Either way, it should be a good game, and I'll be reppin' my Hawks but also cheering for the Sabres. People are going to get SO CONFUSED.


Shelby Rose said...

I'm sure you won't be the only one repping both. There will probably be several people wearing Kane jerseys at the game tomorrow and be supporting the Sabres.