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The Coldffalo Train.

Tamara and I decided to combine forces on a blog, and this is the product. You can tell there isn't much going on yet, but we're working on it. I may start making more posts on there and leave this blog for random things that don't include the Sabres if I remember. If you want, feel free to read and add us! :)


The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: PATTY!

Tamara and I have been to every game Patty has started this season. Let alone he only started three games, but one was an away game. We've really made the effort to see him play and the boys played well in front of him and Patty made some huge saves in the beginning of the first period to keep the Sabres in the game. He deserved his first win tonight (as he had the other games too) and the excitement this team had after they won made me smile and yell my lungs out for the record. This is why Patty should maybe play on Fridays depending on the team. The team isn't tired in front of him and there's a better chance that he would get a win. I'm sure this game helped amp his confidence up a ton. He definitely needs it.

Melissa from Hockey Is Life met up with us during warmups, and we also sat with her during the game because there was NO ONE at the top of section 302. Or 301. I can't remember the section we were in. Anyways, no one was around us for the second and third periods so we yelped and screamed about everything, haha. I'm assuming some people didn't show up to the game because of the snow, or the game just didn't sell out. I don't remember hearing an announcement about whether or not the game had been sold out.

I am sort of not surprised that most of the arena booed Brian Campbell last night, but you know what? I'm still surprised. Keep it classy Buffalo, as always. The poor guy was traded away and you boo him? It's so stupid. If he had left I would understand but even then, if the team didn't want the guy and he wanted to stay, you shouldn't boo him. I know Tamara and I were yelling 'GO SOUPY!' the whole time and I also made a comment about sweaty hands, but it was supposed to be positive, haha.

The surprise we have planned for everyone is happening TONIGHT! So be on the look out people.



I have nothing else to say for the rest of the night. I'm too exhausted. It was a great game to attend, and it was so great to see Patty finally get a win in person. More tomorrow when I can actually think.

My condolences extend to the entire Mike Grier family as he lost his mother to an illness earlier in the week.


Postgame: 12-9-09

Ryan Miller got a shutout. Thomas Vanek was a presence on the ice, even though he didn't get any points. Nathan Gerbe scored his first NHL goal. Overall, a pretty damn good night for the Sabres! I was certain Alex Ovechkin would score in this game only because he always seems to score on the Sabres in every single game he's played against them. Out of all the games he's played in against the Sabres, he hasn't scored in four of them. Simply insane. It seemed every line that was put out against him played well though. I was equally excited when they showed Thomas give him a little bump to knock the puck away. Glad to see he didn't get on the scoresheet.

I had been beginning to miss the wonderful pan shots of Thomas and him spewing the f bomb everywhere. I got my wish tonight. They just always seem to put him on the screen when he's yelling at himself or just in general. Love it.

If the Sabres played like that every game, they would have a good chance to win night in and night out. It was a good response to two pretty bad games on Saturday and Monday. I hope they can do the same against 20 Cent and the Hawks on Friday, since Tamara and I are going to that game. I'm really glad that I've been getting to see a lot more western conference teams than I ever have in person this season. It's a nice change.

'...and den the Aussie go to Portland, NOT ME!'

Our favorite little guy is back as Darcy Regier recalled Nathan Gerbe from the Pirates this morning. Since there has been a lack of scoring the past two games, hopefully Nate would be able to bring some spark to the Sabres tonight against the Capitals, and however long he may be up here. I hope it's awhile and I really hope this stint is better than the one he had last year, where he had one assist in ten games. He's a feisty young one too, so it'll be interesting to see him play against the Caps. I can't remember if he had the chance to play against them last season.

Oh, and apparently Simeon (Semyon) Varlamov has a lower body injury, so he isn't playing tonight. Jose Theodore is. Since Varlamov had a shutout against the Sabres last time, I'm hoping this outcome will be different...

Make sure to watch out for this blog later! Tamara and I have a surprise for everyone. (: Hopefully one you'll like.


Postgame: 12-7-09

Uninspired hockey. Boring. No pride whatsoever. Say what you want, but we could all agree that the game last night was a hundred percent pure awful hockey from the Sabres. My poor brother went last night for his birthday game or what he calls 'guaranteed loss night'. Tamara and Connor went together to watch a clunker for value game prices. They were cheap seats, but it still sucks to be there to witness that. It was like what we got for the Florida game...but at least they scored in the Florida game.

I listened to Lindy on the radio this morning and he said he was particularly upset with the lack of leadership coming from Connolly, Roy, and Pominville. Lindy has a point saying that he needs his best players to step up and do something. For the record, Vanek was mentioned but Lindy made note that he was one of the better players last night in the third period. Speaking of Vanek, he had a quote that Kevin Sylvester mentioned on his blog from earlier today. Apparently he was quoted as saying that the fans come to games and pay good money to see them win. That they deserve a lot better than what they're seeing. I like that, coming from him. I know I know, my bias side is soooo coming through and I will defend him until the day I die, but it's good to hear that someone is saying it. I'm sure that other guys are too, but this was just placed into print.

The Caps are tomorrow. Here's to hoping it won't be unless scoreless game...from the Sabres that is.


Postgame: 12-5-09

As I mentioned last night, losses like these are always better when you watch them with people who can make you laugh. Watching it alone can send you into hysterics; yelling at your television every so often or just turning the game off completely. Last night we sat through the entire game and watched as the Sabres gave up two points to the Rangers while I believe they are second in the division yet again.

If you were at the game, they showed a stat last night that I didn't even think of during the third period. The line of Vanek-Kennedy-Grier? They all won the NCAA championships when they played in college. I thought to myself 'Wow, that's really neat.' and decided also that I would call them the Wheaties line. The breakfast of champions!

Watching Tyler Myers play lately has been a headache. Ever since he was able to stay up here, he's been on a rollercoaster ride. I understand that rookies are always going to make mistakes but it seems to me he's been making the same mistake every so often in a game. He was definitely the reason for the first goal last night. Don't remember much about the second. I would just like to see him stay calm with the puck and not try and make a play all the time. It's not necessary.

Maybe for Monday there can be a Fabian reunion, eh Zach and Drew? Just need Jordan and some bad clothes, and you're all set.



It seems whenever the Sabres lose, they refuse to show up for the first two and a half periods and then kick it into gear halfway through the third period. This is only one loss when they had previously won four in a row, but this was a pretty bad loss. Henrik Lundqvist suddenly ends up hot, and no one can get the puck into the net. At least being with my family made the loss a little better since we were joking around the entire time.


The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: The streak is broken.

Look at the Swede and I! Wooo, thanks to Tamara for taking the picture. :D

Since a friend of ours gave Tamara's ticket away for a stupid reason, we went to the game together last night. In my last TEAOTAS post, I mentioned how Tamara and I never go to the exciting games, and yesterday was pretty damn exciting. Four goals from Buffalo to start it off, and even though Montreal started to come back, it was good to see Buffalo not let up and get two more to put the Habs away for good.
Little things of note from the game last night:
-We saw Goose sitting up in the pressbox. Poor guy looked so bored last night. We betted on the fact that he more than likely wanted to be on the ice playing the whole game. I really hope he makes a fast recovery.
-Sabretooth attacked me for the third time when we walked past Sabretooth's House. At the Carolina game, he attacked me. Last night, he did it. Tamara made note that he always goes after me and I think she's right. His nose took out my ear yesterday!
-They had a montage of the Sabres being named an NHL team anniversary before the game last night instead of the video opener. They showed the Chris Drury goal (you know the one) and we both got chills. I got chills just typing it out, oh man. I miss that feeling.
-Every guy we called scoring (which was like, ten between the both of us) didn't score last night! One of us usually names one of the guys but this time, no one. Boo.
-Tamara's Lalime jersey is now uncursed! It had never been to a winning game, but last night, it was present. :D


Silly post.

Thanks to Tamara for the heads up on this interview.


Postgame: 11-30-09

I would have much rather watched a Ryan Miller shutout game on MSG so as to hear Rick call it, but you can't always get what you want. He played very well last night once again. He may not have had to make the stellar saves he had done against Carolina (except for a few shots by Phil Kessel) but he kept the Sabres in the game for the first forty minutes as they couldn't find the back of the net until Tim Kennedy scored. I wonder if he's ever going to score at home this year, yeesh.

It's very excited to have seen Hank score too! We were hoping to see his little dance he did like he did last year when he scored against St. Louis, but I guess it doesn't help that they weren't at home when he scored. We didn't even realize he had scored until they announced it. Good stuff though, and good for Hank!

For the record, I really REALLY like the Vanek-Kennedy-Grier line. It was weird to see the combo on Saturday in person but even my brother said that was probably the best line on Saturday once they started scoring. I like it. I don't care if that means Thomas is on the third line. Whatever works is perfectly fine with me.