Postgame: 12-7-09

Uninspired hockey. Boring. No pride whatsoever. Say what you want, but we could all agree that the game last night was a hundred percent pure awful hockey from the Sabres. My poor brother went last night for his birthday game or what he calls 'guaranteed loss night'. Tamara and Connor went together to watch a clunker for value game prices. They were cheap seats, but it still sucks to be there to witness that. It was like what we got for the Florida game...but at least they scored in the Florida game.

I listened to Lindy on the radio this morning and he said he was particularly upset with the lack of leadership coming from Connolly, Roy, and Pominville. Lindy has a point saying that he needs his best players to step up and do something. For the record, Vanek was mentioned but Lindy made note that he was one of the better players last night in the third period. Speaking of Vanek, he had a quote that Kevin Sylvester mentioned on his blog from earlier today. Apparently he was quoted as saying that the fans come to games and pay good money to see them win. That they deserve a lot better than what they're seeing. I like that, coming from him. I know I know, my bias side is soooo coming through and I will defend him until the day I die, but it's good to hear that someone is saying it. I'm sure that other guys are too, but this was just placed into print.

The Caps are tomorrow. Here's to hoping it won't be unless scoreless game...from the Sabres that is.


Pookey said...

I like how when you texted me about Lindy bitching about Connolly, Roy, and Pommers...you left out Connolly


Shelby Rose said...

I left out Timmy on purpose, haha. Plus, I don't exactly agree with Lindy on the Timmy thing.