The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: The streak is broken.

Look at the Swede and I! Wooo, thanks to Tamara for taking the picture. :D

Since a friend of ours gave Tamara's ticket away for a stupid reason, we went to the game together last night. In my last TEAOTAS post, I mentioned how Tamara and I never go to the exciting games, and yesterday was pretty damn exciting. Four goals from Buffalo to start it off, and even though Montreal started to come back, it was good to see Buffalo not let up and get two more to put the Habs away for good.
Little things of note from the game last night:
-We saw Goose sitting up in the pressbox. Poor guy looked so bored last night. We betted on the fact that he more than likely wanted to be on the ice playing the whole game. I really hope he makes a fast recovery.
-Sabretooth attacked me for the third time when we walked past Sabretooth's House. At the Carolina game, he attacked me. Last night, he did it. Tamara made note that he always goes after me and I think she's right. His nose took out my ear yesterday!
-They had a montage of the Sabres being named an NHL team anniversary before the game last night instead of the video opener. They showed the Chris Drury goal (you know the one) and we both got chills. I got chills just typing it out, oh man. I miss that feeling.
-Every guy we called scoring (which was like, ten between the both of us) didn't score last night! One of us usually names one of the guys but this time, no one. Boo.
-Tamara's Lalime jersey is now uncursed! It had never been to a winning game, but last night, it was present. :D


k of c said...

Hi, enjoying your blog. I was actually supposed to be at the Buffalo game last night (now I have an unused ticket), my first visit to that arena, but I couldn't get there.

I'm still leaving from Chicago to Pittsburgh tonight for the Hawks game. I had to watch the Sabres game online (a French-language feed with almost no sound anyway). Hopefully I can make a trip later in the season...

Jill said...

OOOOOO Sabretooth likes you!

Aubrey said...

@ Jill - Lol, that was my first thought too!

Shelby Rose said...

@k of c: Thanks for reading my blog! I'm sorry that you weren't able to make it here to watch the game. ):

I've tried watching an online feed on RDS before I think, and it's just awful. Not the commentary itself but since I don't know enough French to figure out what is going on...I hope you can come out here later in the season!

@Jill and Aubrey; LOL!