This series isn't going to be easy.

With the Buffalo Sabres being out of the playoff picture, the only team I have left that I am truly rooting for is the Vancouver Canucks. I've had people ask me before why I decide to root for a Canadian team over an American one after the Sabres get out, but I don't have a real answer for that. I don't even know how I began to like Vancouver to tell you the truth. It was not because of Ryan Kesler. The love for the team came before the love for the man. I want them to win the Cup but then the Sabres would be the only team inducted in 1970 that would have not won a Cup yet. It's such a struggle in my brain.

Last night, the Canucks spanked the Hawks by a score of 5-1. All four lines contributed offensively which was different from the first round against the Kings. Also, the Hawks only managed to score on one of their power plays and they had quite a few of them. It's nice to see the penalty kill become progressively better as opposed to what it looked like in the first round. Michael Grabner scored his first ever playoff goal and I was pumped as hell. Watching him play this year made me realize how fantastic of a skater he is. He's the complete opposite of Thomas except they both drive to the net. That's how he scored his goal. Damn, I love these Austrians.

I'm expecting the Hawks to come out flying the next game. Last year, Vancouver won the first game of the series too...I want to see if they will be able to steal two on the road. Then I think I'll feel a little better about this series. I really hope it's different from last season.