I think I broke my back.

Today, I shoveled for the first time in maybe three years. I had to clear out the walkway in the front of my house so that it'd be easier for me to get to the driver's ed car when it got to myself. Well, I think I pretty much destroyed my back in the process. I expected the snow to be somewhat cushion-y for the most part but it was semi hard much to my dismay. Along with that, the shovel kept twisting in my hands everytime I lifted it up because of my gloves. Those didn't keep me warm at all. It was just an awful half hour for me, but when I got inside afterwards to take a shower, it felt nice.

Heather B. has a great post about the Sabres Show. I agree with her on pretty much every single point. I always get jealous of other teams because the show that their players have some sort of a personality. I don't get that from the Sabres Show enough. I need more silly questions, or some players interviewing team mates. It's only going to be so much longer before I don't even bother to watch the show anymore because I'll be expecting the same thing every week.


'Cause you're hot then you're cold.

I apologize for the Katy Perry reference. I was just listening to it on the radio earlier today, and it made me think of the two recent games the Sabres had.

A 10-2 domination to a 5-2 losing effort. We can blame numerous things on the play of the Sabres in last night's loss to Calgary, such as the Sabres had a game the night before and they were tired. They used up all of their goal scoring the evening before. Mental mistakes made early in the game cost the Sabres dearly. All of these thing could be reasons.

The first reason wouldn't work, because both Roloson and Deslauriers were awful in the net Tuesday night. Neither of them were on their game. It just seemed like everything was going in for the Sabres. Again, case number two wouldn't work. The Sabres threw everything to the net on Tuesday, something they didn't do much last night. Drew mentioned it in his postgame interview; saying they needed to throw more pucks to the net and they didn't. Kiprusoff was on his game and the save he made on Danny was the momentum changer in the third, I think. It was after that Bertuzzi scored, and that was it for the Sabres.

The main reason that the Sabres lost in my opinion, was the mental mistakes the Sabres made. Chris Butler tries to clear the puck from behind the net, but hits Cammalleri's leg. That eventually ends up into a goal. Ryan places his glove not far enough to the right behind him, and the puck trickles in on the second goal. Toni misreads the play with Bertuzzi, and he scores on a breakaway. The rest is history, basically. If there weren't so many mental mistakes, the Sabres maybe could've left last night with at least a point.

The 'Yotes are on Saturday. I'm hoping the Sabres don't have a similar result with them like they did last year, because that was awful to watch. I remember it so well because it was Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, and I had off from school so I was excited for a pretty early game at three or four. When it was like, 4-0 by the end of the first, I was not so excited anymore. Try not to do that again, please boys.

I'm going to the Panthers game (M.J., I don't know how I'll manage to see Gregory Campbell on the ice, but ugh) on March 12th. My one brother is having car problems, so he's selling the rest of his tickets to people and since he knew I enjoyed watching the Sabres, he asked us what we wanted first. My stepdad is taking my brother to the Rangers one and I get the Panthers (I only want to see them because I haven't seen them play here yet in person). I originally said the Red Wings, but my mom asked me why I would want to go to the game if the Sabres didn't make the playoffs this year. She's so pessimistic. Then I remembered the Red Wings bored me to tears, so maybe it's a good idea I chose Florida instead. The others were Ottawa, and Philadelphia. No thanks to the both of them.

Oh, and did anyone else see the huge gash on Thomas' lip that he got in Edmonton? I didn't realize he was cut that badly. I can't imagine trying to eat with that because it looks like it hurts like a bitch.


Q & A with the talented Mr...Vanek.

Remember when I said yesterday that I was going to enjoy the All Star game as long as I could? Well, that didn't work out. I thought the game last night was boring as all heck. Maybe I was bored by all the goals because I wanted Thomas to get some sort of point in the game, or be on the ice for a goal. I wanted to see him hit the top of his teammates' heads, and have a grin on his face as he had a good time. But you know what? I'm sure he had a fabulous time nonetheless. I was happy to see him score in the elimination shootout when me (along with most of Buffalo) probably thought he wouldn't do it. I was happy to see a smile spread on his face as he went by the benches. I was happy to see his interview on the Red Carpet, and notice how spiffy he looked in that gray trenchcoat. I watched the pregame of the All Star game and saw as he signed jerseys for little kids in the locker room, and he smiled after he was finished. Even if he didn't get any sort of points yesterday...I loved seeing everything that went on this weekend for him, and the honor it must've been to be the first Austrian to play in the All Star game. He makes his country proud.

The Sabres performed a Q & A with him this morning I think, and I liked reading that he hung with Zach Parise for a little bit. I was sort of worried that the poor guy would be lonesome his whole time up in Montréal (which was why I wanted Derek or Ryan to go with him), so finding out that he was talking to guys makes it better. I noticed during the Skills competition that after Zdeno got over 105 mph on the hardest shot and he skated over to the Eastern bench, he gave fist pounds to Eric Staal, someone else, and I saw Thomas lift up his glove to give him a fist pound too but Zee turned away. ): I felt so bad! But ahhh, I'm just being silly and worrying about stuff like this. :P

He also mentioned how he watched the Penguins as he was growing up in Austria. Thomas...seriously, give me a call and let's just become the best of friends. I LIKE THE PENGUINS, TOO! Second to the fabulous Sabres of course, but the Pens are my second team. I'm always available, just...give me a ring whenever you want to talk, my man.

...There's real hockey on tomorrow, what?


Power outages have awesome timing.


It's the hair.

I thought the Skills Competition from last night was the best one I've seen in the past three years. Puck Daddy has a post up about how personality was actually being shown here, and he's right. Ovie with his breakaway attempt, Savvy and his commentary on Versus, and pretty much every event had some flavor in it.

I feel bad for Mason Raymond, but I'm glad that he managed to stay on his feet after he almost slipped on the ice. His time was the slowest, but I give kudos to him for not falling the whole way. Don't be embarrassed! At least you didn't pull a Mark Streit. :P

I only saw Kane, St. Louis, and Getzlaf during the breakaway competition because our power decided to shut off. We were without it for about 20-25 minutes and when we got it back up again, the Youngstars game was on. I completely forgot they changed the format from East vs. West to Rookies vs. Sophomores. I was rooting for the Sophomores (Kris Letang. <3) but they failed me. But I was glad to see Blake get a hatty. Good for him!

I thought for sure Kaberle would take the accuracy shooting again, but after he nailed three targets in eight attempts? Yikes. Malkin and Heatley going head-to-head was pretty cool, and I rooted for Geno. I'm glad he won it, but did Chris Simpson really have to put him through an interview? The guy just started speaking English and I felt bad for him. I did like what he had to say about helping Ovie out during the breakaway competition, though.
"He goes 'Help me.' And I go 'What is going on?'."

Up came the Hardest Shot, and I can't believe Chara beat the record. Over 105 mph...I feel bad for whoever blocks a shot by him next. It hurts my bones just thinking about it. Shea Weber totally thought he had it until Chara blasted that last one. I love that the money that was bet on it is going to the organization 'Right To Play'. What a wonderful thing to do. (:

I didn't think the Elimination Shootout would ever end. Doan and Savard went for seven rounds, I think it was? I thought it was so cute when everytime after Doan scored, his daughter hugged him around the neck. I love how the players bring their kids to these events. :D It makes me smile.

Around the seven-minute mark. Thanks for proving me wrong Thomas, I appreciate it. (;


My mom is the coolest mom ever! (For plenty of reasons)

I had my second driving class of the week this morning around 10 o' clock, and I was pretty bummed out that yesterday, I had missed out on Thomas Vanek's interview on the NHL radio. I told her of my disappointment and how if we had the NHL Network, I might've had the chance to watch/listen. I told her how it didn't cost that much to get, and that it'd be a good investment because I'd watch it all the time. Well...

We get home after my class, and she says that she has something to tell me. I walk into the house, and I went to go to the bathroom but when I came out she asked 'What channel is that NHL station on?'
I walk into the room to see Markov, Price, Carbonneau, Komisarek, and Kovalev getting a picture taken during the All Star practice this morning.

Coolest mom ever, for real. I just watched the entire practice from both teams, and it was really cool to watch. I love the player interviews and seeing all the guys laughing and just appearing to have a good time with one another. There's no competition (except fun competition), no rivalries (okay, maybe not), and no hard feelings with anyone there. I am one who is totally for the All Star game. I don't care if there's hardly any effort put into it. I don't care if there's no hits, no fights, no penalties, things like that. What I love the most about the All Star game is what I said before. The league's best come together for an event; trying to help promote the game. I know I love seeing all of today's best stars come together on one sheet of ice to watch them do their stuff. There isn't going to be one next year because of the Olympics, so I'm going to enjoy this one for as long as I possibly can.


Why so serious, Thomas?

I almost snorted looking at this picture. I love the look on his face because it's so amusing and just like '*smug*'. Loving the hair, too.

I do very much approve of this photo, though:
I seriously cannot wait until tomorrow night!


7-3 isn't bad for the month so far, to be honest.

First things first - I don't know how the Sabres are going to deal with the defensive situation right now. With Tallinder looking like he dislocated his shoulder yesterday, that means we have three of our top six defensemen out of the lineup. With the All Star break being about five days, I doubt Sekera will be ready for game time action in Edmonton, and besides, Lindy said that he might be ready for the ed of the West Coast trip - so who do they call up? Well, Funk and Weber are currently injured, and then I believe Card is injured again. Gragnani would be a good choice, and from looking at the Pirates roster, it looks like he was placed on the blueline again. But the Pirates had to call up tons of guys from the ECHL, and other places because their defensive corps are going down. What is this team and the team down on the farm coming to?

Even with the loss last night, I'm not too disappointed with the Sabres record so far this year. True that they lost to an extremely crappy team last night (sorry Vinny and Marty), and had scrub players score on them but we can take a few good things out of last night's game. Florida lost to Dallas last night, so we're still three points ahead of them. The Penguins lost to the Hurricanes on Tuesday, and we're also three points ahead of them. It's not a big lead, but it's still a lead going into the All Star break. The boys have time to recuperate and get their stuff together before the West Coast trip that starts next week. Oh, the joys of listening to the radio instead of watching hockey on TV! I'm going to try and stay up for those games, but there's no promises because of me having school and all.

I'm super excited for the All Star weekend coming up tomorrow. A part of the reason why I really wish I had the NHL Network is so that I can watch all of the things they have going on as a part of the weekend. Like tomorrow night, they have a two hour special called 'Meet The Players' where they're going to have live interviews with most of the guys playing in the All Star game and Youngstars game. I'm hoping NHL.com will have those interviews up online since my family doesn't shell out $5 extra for the channel. I don't exactly mind...it would just be nice because my parents should know that I would watch that station 24/7, haha. Maybe if I move back near Buffalo I'll ask if we can order it...


Buy some tickets, and get a free autographed jersey!

I'm sorry, but I wouldn't pay $78 for a free autographed jersey and a chance to watch the Sabres play one of their division rivals. I hate going to Leafs/Sabres games with a passion, and I think I'd punch the first Habs fan that began to sing that damn 'Olé' song.

Besides, I think having your jersey autographed right in front of you is the way to go. Not having it sent to you. It just isn't the same sort of experience.

If anyone ends up doing this special deal, be sure to let us know whose jersey you received!

Edit: 78 x 4...$312 for ONE game? Nuh uh, I don't think so.


Just the Elimination Shootout? ...That's it?

The NHL released the rosters for the Superskills competitions today, and that was the first thing I checked out when I hopped onto the computer. I scanned through quickly to see if Vanek was participating in anything...

...And it looks like he's only doing the Elimination Shootout.

Really, Thomas? Listen, I know I said you shouldn't do the breakaway challenge because it wouldn't turn out well for you, but...there's really nothing else you could sign up for? Of course, looking at the different competitions, nothing really suits the kind of player you are. To be honest, I'm really disappointed. I was looking forward to the skills competition (don't get me wrong, I still am), but the guy I was looking forward to seeing the most - my favorite player - is only doing one thing. How cool. ):

Okay, I shouldn't be mopey about this, but I am. Sue me.


Happy birthday, Thomas!

So it's my favorite left winger's 25th birthday today. Which means he should score maybe two goals (or even a hat trick tonight) as the Sabres face the Panthers. This game is very important because Florida is only two points behind us. Remember when they were not so good? Yeah, I think those days are over, unfortunately.

Patches is in because Teppo had to get facial surgery with the hit he took from the puck on Saturday. I'm interested in seeing how he'll do. I hope that he does well because it kills me to know that Patches has been scratched so much in all of these games.

But anyways, here's to you Thomas Vanek - for never ceasing to give me more reasons to love you, as a fan and as another person. Have a fantastic birthday!

Aww, look at him when he was only a rookie! Especially that hair and the sunburn, *whistles*. Fox.


I really feel like I've been away from hockey this whole week and it sucks.

I'd like to apologize to the Sabres for not paying much attention to their games this past week. I watched none of the Red Wings game, two periods of the Blackhawks game, one period of the Stars game (and then watched the replay), and then had to watch the replay of last night's game. I promise you boys that I will be watching tomorrow's game completely, and then as much as I can for the next few weeks (even stay up and listen to the West coast games!).

Speaking of last night's game...Timmy must have heard me mention yesterday that he had no points since his return to the lineup and how I was disappointed in him because of his two goals last night. They were things of beauty! See Timmy, good things happen when you decide to shoot for once instead of pass. You always remind me how much I love you and Thomas playing together, too. What a beautiful hit on the Carubba Collision, by the way.

Florida tomorrow. I am still amazed how good they've become this past year, and Anderson has been on fire for them in net. I hope that they don't think they can take this game easy because they're a team from Florida. That's certainly not the case for the Panthers this season. Oh, and it's Thomas' 25th birthday so I hope he doesn't get benched like he did last year during the game on his birthday. That was awful to come home to.


In Goose we trust.

Woo, what a game! It's nice that MSG repeats games the day after they originally happen because I would be deprived otherwise, especially when I hit the hay early because of school reasons.

I already know that most of the first period was crap because I watched it two nights ago. I went to bed afterwards, thinking I wasn't going to stay up for another game the Sabres lost on a school night and they make me happy by winning in a shootout. Somehow, they did it. Though, it's pretty well known that Marty Turco hasn't been great for the Stars this year, and their defense is 'ehhh'.

I was happy to see the Sabres hitting people this time instead of either missing or just being manhandled. Usually you just have Goose, Mair, Lydman, guys like that hitting people but I saw a majority of the team crushing the Stars. Or trying to, in Vanek's case, because it seems everytime I see him try to hit someone he falls on the ice. Hilarious. I love him all the same.

I was also happy to see the Goose net two goals, watch Clarkie net one and have Yo-Yo look jubilant as he put in his 4th of the season. And come on, who else loved Pommers' little dance after he scored the winning goal in the shootout? It's about time something has gone our way in this sort of situation, and I know that it'll show in tonight's game. Right boys?


Just because you were in the Windy City didn't mean you had to blow this game.

James Wisniewski looks easily pumped up for his third period goal against the Sabres, and why shouldn't he be? The Sabres played awful hockey last night. I only stayed up for the first and the second because I had a feeling I would still have school today even with the temperature (and what do you know, but I'm right!). I wasn't going to put off my sleep to watch a shitty game, pardon my French.

I think the thing that will stick out in my mind about this game is that abysmal six-minute power play the Sabres had in the second period, and they only had one shot. One. Shot. By Tim Connolly, and that was at the end of the flipping thing. I hope Lindy smacked them all real good after this game, or at least, after that period. But it not must've worked because Mr. Wisniewski put the game away for good with his goal 17 seconds in the period.

I don't care if Chicago is good at home, or Lalime was in net - everyone has to be better on this team. We've been saying it forever as fans. I'm scared about how tonight is going to turn out because I'm sure they got into Dallas early this morning, but I guess we'll see how it goes.


This is the first case of mono I've seen in hockey.

I don't think I've mentioned this here before, but I have two fantasy teams on Yahoo! for the hockey season. I'm doing pretty good with both of them (I have three of the top five goal scorers in the league on one team!) but this morning I was disheartened to see that my favorite Bruin, Phil Kessel, was placed on IR. I clicked on the little post-it with the red spot to see what was up with dear Phillip.

The box popped up and said that he came down with 'Mononucleosis'. MONONUCLEOSIS? ): I do know that you never know when you can be healed of it (it's like a groin injury!) so Phil could even be out for the rest of the season with that. In most of my hockey watching career, which isn't very long honestly, I have never heard about or seen a player have mono. I'm just wondering if this is actually very rare, and players never get this during the season. I know that my dad had mono once during high school and my mom told me that he was out almost the whole year because of it. Crazy! I hope that he has a speedy recovery, because I really do like the guy even though he plays for a division rival.


My goaltender likes photography and a sophisticated lifestyle.

Katie brought up a good point about how she hasn't given enough love to Ryan Miller on her blog, and I realized I have done the exact same thing This is my love!post for our favorite asymmetrical eyebrowed goaltender (which, by the way, I have the same thing going on with me. I feel you, Mills!)

If you look at the stats from this past weekend and the two games the Sabres played, Ryan stopped around 80 something shots altogether. Um, defense? Hi, your job is to try and make sure that the other team doesn't take that many shots against the goaltender. Also, the offense needs to get cracking on shots themselves. They had less than half of what the Rangers and Red Wings had together. Only getting two goals from the same player all weekend doesn't help matters either. Ryan has been getting back on the top of his game, and I love to see that. Seeing his grinning face after a win makes me happy. I love watching him and Lalime give each other a goalie hug after wins. Depressing!Ryan makes me unhappy. I hope this team understands that whenever they see Ryan very unhappy.

I liked how Ryan was trying to describe his techniques with goaltending, and relating it to a golf swing. I thought about my girlfriend while reading the quote (she would like to be a goalie), and I notice some of those techniques with her. She subconsciously makes a move for the puck like an NHL goaltender would and I mentioned this to her yesterday. Ryan is one of the goalies that she looks up to the most...he inspired her to start trying. I want to thank him for that because she loves making saves against me. It's one of her passions now. I know it makes her happy too, so...thanks a lot Ryan. <3


Foiled again! SABRES WIN

How about that for a win, eh? Ryan Miller foiling Chris Drury of his dastardly plan to make the shootout keep going. Well sir, that was well played but...YOU FAILED! There was no way you were going to pull a Daniel Briere, a la last season and score on your previous team. It's okay. I still love you...not in a Rangers jersey, but I love you as a player. I promise.

I was surprised at how fast the first period was moving but thanks to there being hardly any whistles, this could've helped out the quickness of the first. By the midway point of the first period I noticed that no team really controlled the flow of the game. Yes, it was fast paced from both sides but equally. One team was not quicker than the other (though, the Rangers looked to be in a lot of trouble within the first few minutes).

Oh, how about the no call on Mara for manhandling Goose? It looked like he was all over him from my TV screen unless I'm completely blind. Then that gorilla decides to score a goal for the Rangers that bounces off three players. Vanek, Connolly, AND Roy. Guys, guys, guys...we must learn to not help out the opposing team when they want to score. (I'm just kidding of course, but I hate screened goals. When they're against us, I mean.)

The second period was ehhhhhh, at least until the Sabres finally got their first shot on goal in the period near the halfway mark. A miracle. I can't believe how many shots the Rangers had at the time, and if it weren't for Miller, the Sabres would've been doomed from the start of the second period. Then my mom's and my prayer was answered when Spacek stopped a cross ice pass from the Rangers, tossed it over to Roy would tapped it to Vanek, who quickly tapped it to Stafford (in an oh so sexy way because it went through the Rangers D's legs), who tapped it back to Roy, who put in a rebound for the Sabres first goal. Roy-Stafford-Vanek is magic, people. And that rhymes, too!

I didn't watch the beginning of the third period because I was in the midst of taking a shower, but it appeared to me that the Sabres decided to outshoot the Rangers this period. Nicely done, boys. And then the dreaded OT, and Harry pulls up some stats. The Sabres are 1-3 in 4-on-4 OT hockey. Can you say...ouch? I remember when I got excited for OT because I had a feeling the Sabres would win everytime. Now, not so much. I sat through that and almost had an ulcer when Vanek had a chance to score - twice - and then again when Roy almost put one home right at the end of OT.

Whenever shootouts come on, you'll either find me in my bathroom or my bedroom; waiting it out. I can't stand them. They make me anxious/jittery/nauseous. So I waited in my bedroom. Patiently. Until 10:07 when I decided to head back downstairs and hear Kevin Sylvester say that Ryan Miller foiled Chris Drury when he wanted to keep the shootout going and the Sabres won 2-1. Hurray! Not a very pretty win, but it's still a win. We can only hope that they somehow solve Ty Conklin and the Red Wings tomorrow. Please?


Thomas Vanek is an All Star.

Now really, are any of us surprised by this?
To be honest (because of his improved play lately), I was hoping Derek would be joining Thomas at the All Star Game but I guess that isn't going to happen. Thomas is the sole representative for the Sabres this year, and I know that he'll make us very proud. I'm more interested in seeing what he'll do at the Skills Competition over the game itself, actually. I know that everyone doesn't have to participate, but if they put him in the Breakaway competition, I might die. Either because I know he won't score or because of the move he does. It might turn out to be an amazing move. I'll guess we'll have to wait and see on the weekend of the 24th and 25th.

I really love the comment he made about getting on the team's roster:
"I've never been a big part of my own success but at the same time it's an honor to represent the Sabres and my teammates," Vanek said.
Of course, I love whenever anyone has nice things to say about the team, haha. He just sounds so genuine all of the time...I can't get over that. He seems so sweet. But anyways, enough of my needless gushing (for now). The rest of the Eastern Conference roster is here*.

*If Thomas ends up playing with Heatley on a line, I think I might die a little inside. I don't care if I'm supposed to root for the East as a whole, I STILL dislike the guy beyond all imagination.

Edit: ...Well, according to the man himself, he looked up to Dany Heatley when he was still in high school because he went to college and after two years, made it to the NHL. So he's excited to play beside him. *thunks head* I will not oppose any feelings Thomas has about Dany Heatley. THIS TIME.


Maybe Ruutu is the next guy up to play a part in Jaws.

Yahoo! (and various other sites) reported that Jarkko Ruutu received a two game suspension after the biting incident against Andrew Peters. He stated that he didn't bite him, but listening to Andrew's post game and after practice comments, he sounds very sincere about what happened last night. I don't think Andrew would lie about something like this, either. Sean Avery had gotten a six game suspension for his comments about Elisha Cuthbert, but do you think this biting incident deserved more? I do. But that's my opinion.

Timmy is reported to definitely come back on Friday. He looked very happy in his post practice interview from this morning, and I liked to see a smile on his face for once. He sounds optimistic...and I think that's the first time I've heard him say that he knows he's going to get hit. That he can't worry about that and just play his game. It was refreshing to hear. At the same time, I still don't think he's going to last pretty long. Please, make me eat my words, Timmy.

Oh, and Anne posted the list of the Western Conference Reserves for the All Star game. I think it's a good list, but I think some players were snubbed...I can't wait until the list tomorrow. If a certain someone is on that list tomorrow, I will probably have a big post to go along with it. I hope it happens!


Time to bring in the team's...veterinarian ?

You know, from the look on Petey's face, it does appear as if Ruutu gave him a case of rabies. Look at that stance!

I'll have more on the game tomorrow once I recollect my thoughts over the day. The bite incident, the thirty two seconds apart goals by the Sens, and everything else.

Oh, and congratulations to Rob Ray on the birth of his new son!


Welcome back, Cap'n!

Craigory Rivet will be returning to the Sabres lineup tomorrow. He hasn't been able to come back earlier because of that nagging shoulder problem he had gotten in Montreal in November (I think it was November it happened), so it's nice to finally see him come back on the ice. If Teppo does indeed not play tomorrow because of illness reasons, then Buts should be able to stay a bit longer up here. I think he's been a great addition to the blueline, and I've been rather impressed with his play. You don't necessarily notice him out there, but that's not a bad thing with defensemen.

Finny may be out for awhile because of his pulled groin he got after Chara turned him into an accordian. Is it wrong to say I'm not upset about this? Max can try to impress me with his flashy moves, but unless he can start contributing to this team in some way or another before he leaves, I won't be.

It's weird to think that the last game Tim Connolly played was the one I went to where the Sabres imploded against the Blue Jackets. Really great thoughts. Look forward to seeing him play on the weekend, though Anne mentioned how he'll probably get hurt again soon and then be out for another month. We can't depend on him. Unfortunate, because him and Thomas make some magic every once and awhile. (Whatever, I love Thomas, Derek, and Drew together anyways.)

I might watch the Penguins/Rangers game tonight. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Now that the Sabres don't play the Penguins anymore, I can kind of, sort of root for my second favorite team? Maybe? No? Ah well.


I'm baaaaaack.

I had a fabulous time down in Florida. My two parades went well, and I had a great time at the Disney parks, the beach, Medieval Times, and everything else I happened to do. It's weird that was the last band trip I'll ever do since I'm a senior now. I'm going to miss these years.

Also good to know the Sabres won two out of the three games I missed. I heard the Caps game was crap since my girlfriend went to that one and told me about it. The Sabres are lame for giving up the lead to the Isles in the game last week, but thank God they won in OT. 2009 has gotten off to a great start for them though. <3 Today's game was excellent. I hope they can keep it up even though they play...Ottawa...on Tuesday. Ugh. A good time to stop being mental cases when it comes to Ottawa would be now, boys!

I hope everyone had a lovely New Year's. (: It's good to be back home with tons of snow!