I really feel like I've been away from hockey this whole week and it sucks.

I'd like to apologize to the Sabres for not paying much attention to their games this past week. I watched none of the Red Wings game, two periods of the Blackhawks game, one period of the Stars game (and then watched the replay), and then had to watch the replay of last night's game. I promise you boys that I will be watching tomorrow's game completely, and then as much as I can for the next few weeks (even stay up and listen to the West coast games!).

Speaking of last night's game...Timmy must have heard me mention yesterday that he had no points since his return to the lineup and how I was disappointed in him because of his two goals last night. They were things of beauty! See Timmy, good things happen when you decide to shoot for once instead of pass. You always remind me how much I love you and Thomas playing together, too. What a beautiful hit on the Carubba Collision, by the way.

Florida tomorrow. I am still amazed how good they've become this past year, and Anderson has been on fire for them in net. I hope that they don't think they can take this game easy because they're a team from Florida. That's certainly not the case for the Panthers this season. Oh, and it's Thomas' 25th birthday so I hope he doesn't get benched like he did last year during the game on his birthday. That was awful to come home to.

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