In Goose we trust.

Woo, what a game! It's nice that MSG repeats games the day after they originally happen because I would be deprived otherwise, especially when I hit the hay early because of school reasons.

I already know that most of the first period was crap because I watched it two nights ago. I went to bed afterwards, thinking I wasn't going to stay up for another game the Sabres lost on a school night and they make me happy by winning in a shootout. Somehow, they did it. Though, it's pretty well known that Marty Turco hasn't been great for the Stars this year, and their defense is 'ehhh'.

I was happy to see the Sabres hitting people this time instead of either missing or just being manhandled. Usually you just have Goose, Mair, Lydman, guys like that hitting people but I saw a majority of the team crushing the Stars. Or trying to, in Vanek's case, because it seems everytime I see him try to hit someone he falls on the ice. Hilarious. I love him all the same.

I was also happy to see the Goose net two goals, watch Clarkie net one and have Yo-Yo look jubilant as he put in his 4th of the season. And come on, who else loved Pommers' little dance after he scored the winning goal in the shootout? It's about time something has gone our way in this sort of situation, and I know that it'll show in tonight's game. Right boys?


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So goood!!!!!!!!!!