My goaltender likes photography and a sophisticated lifestyle.

Katie brought up a good point about how she hasn't given enough love to Ryan Miller on her blog, and I realized I have done the exact same thing This is my love!post for our favorite asymmetrical eyebrowed goaltender (which, by the way, I have the same thing going on with me. I feel you, Mills!)

If you look at the stats from this past weekend and the two games the Sabres played, Ryan stopped around 80 something shots altogether. Um, defense? Hi, your job is to try and make sure that the other team doesn't take that many shots against the goaltender. Also, the offense needs to get cracking on shots themselves. They had less than half of what the Rangers and Red Wings had together. Only getting two goals from the same player all weekend doesn't help matters either. Ryan has been getting back on the top of his game, and I love to see that. Seeing his grinning face after a win makes me happy. I love watching him and Lalime give each other a goalie hug after wins. Depressing!Ryan makes me unhappy. I hope this team understands that whenever they see Ryan very unhappy.

I liked how Ryan was trying to describe his techniques with goaltending, and relating it to a golf swing. I thought about my girlfriend while reading the quote (she would like to be a goalie), and I notice some of those techniques with her. She subconsciously makes a move for the puck like an NHL goaltender would and I mentioned this to her yesterday. Ryan is one of the goalies that she looks up to the most...he inspired her to start trying. I want to thank him for that because she loves making saves against me. It's one of her passions now. I know it makes her happy too, so...thanks a lot Ryan. <3


Caroline said...

which, by the way, I have the same thing going on with me.

Girl I have a left wonky eyebrow too. But not as bad as Ryan's...his is...something else haha. But I remember one year in high school it was especially wonky and I got a lot of ridicule from my friends because of it haha. I was just like, "Try not to be so jealous..."

Caroline said...

^ I meant to say in one of my high school year book pictures...not that for one whole year it was more wonky than it usually is haha.

Shelby Rose said...

Power to us that had/have wonky eyebrows! People should be jealous of us because we look slightly crazy with them...but not so much. Ryan just looks plain awesome, and would not be Ryan Miller without that trademark look.