Foiled again! SABRES WIN

How about that for a win, eh? Ryan Miller foiling Chris Drury of his dastardly plan to make the shootout keep going. Well sir, that was well played but...YOU FAILED! There was no way you were going to pull a Daniel Briere, a la last season and score on your previous team. It's okay. I still love you...not in a Rangers jersey, but I love you as a player. I promise.

I was surprised at how fast the first period was moving but thanks to there being hardly any whistles, this could've helped out the quickness of the first. By the midway point of the first period I noticed that no team really controlled the flow of the game. Yes, it was fast paced from both sides but equally. One team was not quicker than the other (though, the Rangers looked to be in a lot of trouble within the first few minutes).

Oh, how about the no call on Mara for manhandling Goose? It looked like he was all over him from my TV screen unless I'm completely blind. Then that gorilla decides to score a goal for the Rangers that bounces off three players. Vanek, Connolly, AND Roy. Guys, guys, guys...we must learn to not help out the opposing team when they want to score. (I'm just kidding of course, but I hate screened goals. When they're against us, I mean.)

The second period was ehhhhhh, at least until the Sabres finally got their first shot on goal in the period near the halfway mark. A miracle. I can't believe how many shots the Rangers had at the time, and if it weren't for Miller, the Sabres would've been doomed from the start of the second period. Then my mom's and my prayer was answered when Spacek stopped a cross ice pass from the Rangers, tossed it over to Roy would tapped it to Vanek, who quickly tapped it to Stafford (in an oh so sexy way because it went through the Rangers D's legs), who tapped it back to Roy, who put in a rebound for the Sabres first goal. Roy-Stafford-Vanek is magic, people. And that rhymes, too!

I didn't watch the beginning of the third period because I was in the midst of taking a shower, but it appeared to me that the Sabres decided to outshoot the Rangers this period. Nicely done, boys. And then the dreaded OT, and Harry pulls up some stats. The Sabres are 1-3 in 4-on-4 OT hockey. Can you say...ouch? I remember when I got excited for OT because I had a feeling the Sabres would win everytime. Now, not so much. I sat through that and almost had an ulcer when Vanek had a chance to score - twice - and then again when Roy almost put one home right at the end of OT.

Whenever shootouts come on, you'll either find me in my bathroom or my bedroom; waiting it out. I can't stand them. They make me anxious/jittery/nauseous. So I waited in my bedroom. Patiently. Until 10:07 when I decided to head back downstairs and hear Kevin Sylvester say that Ryan Miller foiled Chris Drury when he wanted to keep the shootout going and the Sabres won 2-1. Hurray! Not a very pretty win, but it's still a win. We can only hope that they somehow solve Ty Conklin and the Red Wings tomorrow. Please?

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