Welcome back, Cap'n!

Craigory Rivet will be returning to the Sabres lineup tomorrow. He hasn't been able to come back earlier because of that nagging shoulder problem he had gotten in Montreal in November (I think it was November it happened), so it's nice to finally see him come back on the ice. If Teppo does indeed not play tomorrow because of illness reasons, then Buts should be able to stay a bit longer up here. I think he's been a great addition to the blueline, and I've been rather impressed with his play. You don't necessarily notice him out there, but that's not a bad thing with defensemen.

Finny may be out for awhile because of his pulled groin he got after Chara turned him into an accordian. Is it wrong to say I'm not upset about this? Max can try to impress me with his flashy moves, but unless he can start contributing to this team in some way or another before he leaves, I won't be.

It's weird to think that the last game Tim Connolly played was the one I went to where the Sabres imploded against the Blue Jackets. Really great thoughts. Look forward to seeing him play on the weekend, though Anne mentioned how he'll probably get hurt again soon and then be out for another month. We can't depend on him. Unfortunate, because him and Thomas make some magic every once and awhile. (Whatever, I love Thomas, Derek, and Drew together anyways.)

I might watch the Penguins/Rangers game tonight. It all depends on how I'm feeling. Now that the Sabres don't play the Penguins anymore, I can kind of, sort of root for my second favorite team? Maybe? No? Ah well.

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