Just because you were in the Windy City didn't mean you had to blow this game.

James Wisniewski looks easily pumped up for his third period goal against the Sabres, and why shouldn't he be? The Sabres played awful hockey last night. I only stayed up for the first and the second because I had a feeling I would still have school today even with the temperature (and what do you know, but I'm right!). I wasn't going to put off my sleep to watch a shitty game, pardon my French.

I think the thing that will stick out in my mind about this game is that abysmal six-minute power play the Sabres had in the second period, and they only had one shot. One. Shot. By Tim Connolly, and that was at the end of the flipping thing. I hope Lindy smacked them all real good after this game, or at least, after that period. But it not must've worked because Mr. Wisniewski put the game away for good with his goal 17 seconds in the period.

I don't care if Chicago is good at home, or Lalime was in net - everyone has to be better on this team. We've been saying it forever as fans. I'm scared about how tonight is going to turn out because I'm sure they got into Dallas early this morning, but I guess we'll see how it goes.

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