7-3 isn't bad for the month so far, to be honest.

First things first - I don't know how the Sabres are going to deal with the defensive situation right now. With Tallinder looking like he dislocated his shoulder yesterday, that means we have three of our top six defensemen out of the lineup. With the All Star break being about five days, I doubt Sekera will be ready for game time action in Edmonton, and besides, Lindy said that he might be ready for the ed of the West Coast trip - so who do they call up? Well, Funk and Weber are currently injured, and then I believe Card is injured again. Gragnani would be a good choice, and from looking at the Pirates roster, it looks like he was placed on the blueline again. But the Pirates had to call up tons of guys from the ECHL, and other places because their defensive corps are going down. What is this team and the team down on the farm coming to?

Even with the loss last night, I'm not too disappointed with the Sabres record so far this year. True that they lost to an extremely crappy team last night (sorry Vinny and Marty), and had scrub players score on them but we can take a few good things out of last night's game. Florida lost to Dallas last night, so we're still three points ahead of them. The Penguins lost to the Hurricanes on Tuesday, and we're also three points ahead of them. It's not a big lead, but it's still a lead going into the All Star break. The boys have time to recuperate and get their stuff together before the West Coast trip that starts next week. Oh, the joys of listening to the radio instead of watching hockey on TV! I'm going to try and stay up for those games, but there's no promises because of me having school and all.

I'm super excited for the All Star weekend coming up tomorrow. A part of the reason why I really wish I had the NHL Network is so that I can watch all of the things they have going on as a part of the weekend. Like tomorrow night, they have a two hour special called 'Meet The Players' where they're going to have live interviews with most of the guys playing in the All Star game and Youngstars game. I'm hoping NHL.com will have those interviews up online since my family doesn't shell out $5 extra for the channel. I don't exactly mind...it would just be nice because my parents should know that I would watch that station 24/7, haha. Maybe if I move back near Buffalo I'll ask if we can order it...


Anne said...

7-3 IS good, its just the brand of losses. I know Chicago and Detroit are good, but we still should've been able to score more than 1 goal against at least ONE of them, and Tampa Bay is terrible. Two losses to better teams is disheartening but a loss to a team that's TERRIBLE is just draining. At least losing to Tampa doesn't really hurt our playoff spot (at the moment)

Shelby Rose said...

You're exactly right, Anne. Detroit and Chicago are tough teams, but just scoring twice against the both of them combined is not good. Losing to Tampa who is abysmal on the backend isn't great, either. Plus, as I mentioned, the Sabres let scrubs score against them. Guys who only score about 5-8 goals a year.

One problem I have with this team is them losing against teams that are so much worse than they are.