The NHL and it's sex appeal.

Oh hello, I'm back again. The Stanley Cup Finals hasn't interested me much at all thanks to me being bitter towards Chicago, and I just dislike Philadelphia. Thus equals me not watching very much hockey lately but Twitter has managed to keep me up to date on everything - including a very disturbing article I just read on how the NHL has 'a lot of sex appeal' and that's why a ton of women are beginning to watch it as of late.

Being a woman myself, I can't disagree with the fact that there are many good looking hockey players out there. There's a lot more attractive guys if you happen to love bumps and bruises on a person. The scars, the scraps, are in my opinion sort of sexy. However, I know very many intelligent female hockey fans who enjoy the sport for THE sport, not for the guys. You may have your favorite players, but you tend to love them for their skills instead of how they look with their equipment off.

Now yesterday, the NHL's Twitter retweeted the article I mentioned above which...I don't exactly know how that's supposed to make me feel. The NHL should know that not all of the women who watch the sport are like some of these people who were quoted in the article. For example:
“I watch the games with my husband and I have no idea who anyone is,” says Sue Loeb, a mother of two from Clifton, New Jersey, whose husband, Dan, is a rabid New York Rangers fan. “But then I see pictures of these guys in magazines and online without their equipment on, and you see how good-looking they really are.”
Perhaps, but you could at least try to understand the game and get to know who the players are. Everyone starts out not knowing who anyone is, I mean, that's how I was. Then after a few games I could name all the players and understood most of what was going on.

Also, the article talks about how various celebrities are now finding love with hockey players such as Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff. Oh, so I guess we have them to thank for getting their fans to see their sexy boyfriends which causes a mass amount of females to start watching the sport? No thanks. How about growing up in a family that just happened to love hockey or live in a hockey town? It's more than just celebrities and looks that attracts fans to sport - at least the ones that actually give a damn. For shame on the NHL for even retweeting that article in the first place. I felt embarrassed reading through the entire thing. I just think that all female fans shouldn't be placed into one group because a lot of us have different reasons as to why we watch the game.

Here's the entire article for those who wish to read up on it: Hockey's Hottest Men and Hollywood Wives.