Sabres sign goaltender Jean-Philippe Lamoureux

Sabres sign native of Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I'm guessing this is to replace Adam Dennis who didn't get a contract offer down in Portland. Someone has to backup Jhonas Enroth and I don't think any of the other goaltenders are ready to make the jump to the AHL yet.


The most news we might get for awhile.

Sabres.com has changed it's web layout. I stole the image from Icethetics because I'm too lazy to do a print-screen myself.

I like the design. The sabers on the sides are a very nice touch and I like the faded gold color they used for them. I think the only thing I don't like is that I can't see the sabers on Firefox. They're well hidden on there.

I have a feeling this will be the most news we get for a few weeks...is it time for training camp, yet?


Wedding bells.

Yesterday on my Twitter feed, someone posted a link to an article about Jason Spezza's wedding. If I had to like a Senator it would be him. I know, I know, tar and feather me all you want. I hate myself for it too.

I went to the link and was immediately shown a very adorable picture of Spezz and his new wife coming down the church steps. Looking now, they changed it with a picture of the both of them riding off and waving to people. The rest of the photos are very cute, and if you want to look and see (while murmuring under your breath how much you hate the Senators), then go here: Jason Spezza's wedding.

For me, I have seen better men in tuxes. Not naming names...
Like I said. No names.


Where in the world is Drew Stafford?

While Reggie and General agreed to their qualifying offers either yesterday or a few days ago, there has still been no word on Drew Stafford and what's happening with his situation. Either the Sabres organization are doing a really good job of not releasing information, or he's fallen off the face of the Earth. Ever since the offers were handed out I have not heard one word about one of our extremely hardcore right wingers.

Now, I like Drew. He's actually one of my top favorites on the Sabres even though I hardly talk about him. I would really like if the Sabres could keep him and work out a good deal for both him and the team. A lot of blogs have stated that Ryan Callahan's new contract has set the bar and Drew has around the same stats as him. I just wish we knew what was going on with contract negotiations - if things are looking positive or negative. I just want to hear one thing about Drew, that's all I want.


Happy birthday, Ryan Miller!

I have heard that our beloved number one goaltender has turned 29 today. I can't believe he's almost 30. I feel so young in comparison! Oh Ryan, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday wherever you are. Don't drink too much and don't do anything you'll regret. It's not like you're 30 yet.

The NHL schedule came out on Wednesday, and I plan on getting tickets to some Value games and I would also like to go to the Party In The Plaza for the season opener, if they have one again. Since I'm 18 I can buy my own tickets now. I have enough money saved up to buy tickets at a Value price I think. I'd like to take my mom to some games since she hasn't gone in so long. I'll talk about how I feel about the schedule in another post. There's some interesting games for the Sabres during the season.


Sabres sign Joe DiPenta.

Yesterday when I was at my best friend's grad party and destroying my cellphone almost, the Sabres signed free agent Joe DiPenta for one year. In this picture he's cooking for charity, so it's good to know he's helpful to the community.

He has his own website. That's kind of awesome. Oh, and he pops up on his website too. I remember when the Philadelphia Flyers did that..good times. Why don't the Sabres do creepy pop up announcements on their website?! I would thoroughly enjoy Jason Pominville's monotonous acting skills telling me to buy tickets.

That website probably has everything you need to know about this mystery man. Have at it.


Sabres re-sign Matt Ellis.

I said yesterday on my Livejournal that I wanted Darcy to re-sign Ellis, and he listened to me. Hurray! I loved the energy he had brought to the team and he seemed to work hard every night, so I'm glad he's back with the Sabres for another year.

Still waiting for news on Drew. What the heck is going on with him?


Oh Al, I can't like you anymore now.

It has been confirmed that Ales Kotalik is now a New York Ranger. I think that is where Sabres careers go to die or something, or they're just all going there after leaving the organization. Details haven't been announced yet, but I'm sure they paid a lot for him...You know how the Rangers roll.

Sorry Al. If you had signed with a team I actually liked, I would like you. Now I have to hate you. Good day sir.

Sabres Development Camp, Day Three.

I put day three ONLY because yesterday was Wednesday, and the third day of workouts. I caught a ride with Cari and Clare and we had some entertaining discussions on the way to Dwyer Arena. A note to whoever put the sign for Dwyer Arena behind the bushes: People CANNOT see that. We passed by the street we were supposed to go on, but eventually made it.

When we got in, we caught up with Anne and then started to watch whatever was going on. Apparently as Anne had said, they were playing catch at first when they started practicing. They did do some interesting things. For example, at one point they had four defensemen and two forwards on the ice, and the forwards tried to score on either side of the rink. It wasn't a 3-on-3 situation. I don't know what the heck it was.

Then, later on, they pulled the nets very close to one another and the guys had to play in an extremely tiny space. I would love to know exactly why they do drills like that. I should've asked Lindy since he was standing right by where we were all sitting.

Katebits and Heather B. came to sit by us too, so we had a whole row of hockey bloggers going in the stands. I think all of us were really itching to stand up for Chris Butler when he passed by and bow in his presence. I love Sir Christopher very much.

I should have pictures I took up shortly on Facebook, so if you hadn't added me yet, click the link on the side -->. I took about thirty shots of Mike Kostka alone. I swear, it's because he looks like Jason Pominville!

I'd like to thank Cari and Clare again for a certain tour they took me on yesterday. Very bad for me to know where someone lives now, but I am a very happy Shelby.


Happy birthday, America!/What is going on in Chi-town?

A war still going on sort of, the economy failing - I mean, what could be better for a celebration of our independence? Thanks to our founding fathers for signing the Declaration of Independence on this day, because I could be speaking in an English accent right now.

Something broke loose yesterday in the hockey world that Dale Tallon did not get several qualifying offers to players before July 1st came around. While this story is still under investigation by the NHL and NHLPA, it could end up where several RFAs could be turned into UFAs. I don't believe anything like this has ever happened before. I hope that Kris Versteeg stays in Chicago just for Cari because I see how much she loves that guy. If this whole thing turns out to be true then what does this mean for Chicago? I'm kind of scared to find out.


Derek Roy lone Sabre invited to Team Canada Orientation Camp.

Oh my God, this is just like my last post except different guy and different team. No way guys.

Derek Roy is one of a million players (46 to be exact) going to the camp for Team Canada in Calgary next month. Team Canada is stacked in talent so I wouldn't be surprised if they won the gold in Vancouver next year. They are my third favorite team on the international level. Damn you Canada for having so many amazing players.

The Sabres actually signed someone yesterday and it wasn't via trade. Welcome to the team, Steve Montador! I'm quite proud of Darcy for doing business on the first day, that sly dog.

Let us not forget that our beloved Jaroslav Spacek has moved on and signed with Montreal yesterday (for more money than he's worth, sorry Spach).
I didn't know you long enough, Jaro! I miss you already! ):