Sabres sign Joe DiPenta.

Yesterday when I was at my best friend's grad party and destroying my cellphone almost, the Sabres signed free agent Joe DiPenta for one year. In this picture he's cooking for charity, so it's good to know he's helpful to the community.

He has his own website. That's kind of awesome. Oh, and he pops up on his website too. I remember when the Philadelphia Flyers did that..good times. Why don't the Sabres do creepy pop up announcements on their website?! I would thoroughly enjoy Jason Pominville's monotonous acting skills telling me to buy tickets.

That website probably has everything you need to know about this mystery man. Have at it.


Jay said...

I like him already. He will add a bit of toughness that we have been lacking on our blueline. Check out the vid of him going toe to toe with Ott!

Shelby Rose said...

Nice fight! That gets me extremely excited now.