Derek Roy lone Sabre invited to Team Canada Orientation Camp.

Oh my God, this is just like my last post except different guy and different team. No way guys.

Derek Roy is one of a million players (46 to be exact) going to the camp for Team Canada in Calgary next month. Team Canada is stacked in talent so I wouldn't be surprised if they won the gold in Vancouver next year. They are my third favorite team on the international level. Damn you Canada for having so many amazing players.

The Sabres actually signed someone yesterday and it wasn't via trade. Welcome to the team, Steve Montador! I'm quite proud of Darcy for doing business on the first day, that sly dog.

Let us not forget that our beloved Jaroslav Spacek has moved on and signed with Montreal yesterday (for more money than he's worth, sorry Spach).
I didn't know you long enough, Jaro! I miss you already! ):


Jill said...

Fair well Pigeon.

Shelby Rose said...

You know, I do wonder if the pigeon is going with him.