Happy birthday, Ryan Miller!

I have heard that our beloved number one goaltender has turned 29 today. I can't believe he's almost 30. I feel so young in comparison! Oh Ryan, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday wherever you are. Don't drink too much and don't do anything you'll regret. It's not like you're 30 yet.

The NHL schedule came out on Wednesday, and I plan on getting tickets to some Value games and I would also like to go to the Party In The Plaza for the season opener, if they have one again. Since I'm 18 I can buy my own tickets now. I have enough money saved up to buy tickets at a Value price I think. I'd like to take my mom to some games since she hasn't gone in so long. I'll talk about how I feel about the schedule in another post. There's some interesting games for the Sabres during the season.


Jill said...

Yay for Ryan! Happy Birthday! *cheers* I will have a drink or uh two to celebrate for him tonight!

I hate that... after a HARDCORE night of boozing it up out... wondering what you said that maybe incriminating. OI... All before you open your eyes, then you crack one eye open and become extremely pissed at the sun for even thinking about coming up. Been there one too many times. Dang I need to go out for a girls night and bar hop! Yee Haw! LOL

Shelby Rose said...

I think you should look Ryan up, give him a call, and tell him you should get together for a good time, haha.