Sabres Development Camp, Day Three.

I put day three ONLY because yesterday was Wednesday, and the third day of workouts. I caught a ride with Cari and Clare and we had some entertaining discussions on the way to Dwyer Arena. A note to whoever put the sign for Dwyer Arena behind the bushes: People CANNOT see that. We passed by the street we were supposed to go on, but eventually made it.

When we got in, we caught up with Anne and then started to watch whatever was going on. Apparently as Anne had said, they were playing catch at first when they started practicing. They did do some interesting things. For example, at one point they had four defensemen and two forwards on the ice, and the forwards tried to score on either side of the rink. It wasn't a 3-on-3 situation. I don't know what the heck it was.

Then, later on, they pulled the nets very close to one another and the guys had to play in an extremely tiny space. I would love to know exactly why they do drills like that. I should've asked Lindy since he was standing right by where we were all sitting.

Katebits and Heather B. came to sit by us too, so we had a whole row of hockey bloggers going in the stands. I think all of us were really itching to stand up for Chris Butler when he passed by and bow in his presence. I love Sir Christopher very much.

I should have pictures I took up shortly on Facebook, so if you hadn't added me yet, click the link on the side -->. I took about thirty shots of Mike Kostka alone. I swear, it's because he looks like Jason Pominville!

I'd like to thank Cari and Clare again for a certain tour they took me on yesterday. Very bad for me to know where someone lives now, but I am a very happy Shelby.


Jill said...

SOunds like so much fun! It would have been hysterical if you all stood up for Butts! LOL

Shelby Rose said...

I was about ready to, for real. Anne was cracking up a lot of jokes about him being all regal during practice, it was hilarious.