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Time to Panic? A Reflection on the Season So Far.

I haven't written a blog post in awhile; specifically because I just have not been interested in typing up post game after post game about nearly the same thing. The Sabres have so far lost ten games this season and have only won three. All of those wins have been on the road. There has been a lack of motivation within me to write up stats or analyzing how the boys might have played one night. Not only do I work some game nights now, but I literally cannot pay attention to some games because they're either boring or the team just doesn't deserve that attention. I can easily be doing something else.

After attending the game last night with Tamara (and talking with my brother and Ryan from The Goose's Roost during the first intermission), I gained the motivation to write a post about the season so far. I don't even really know how to make of it, to be honest. Most people are hitting the panic button already thanks to their lackluster performances on the ice at home of all places, and it doesn't seem like anyone is putting much emotion into the game anymore. The defense is mediocre at best and I think Tyler Myers should be sat for at least one game to clear his head. Will Lindy make that moves? Who knows. He seemed to think that putting in Jhonas Enroth last night, a guy who has had the starter job taken from him in the minors, was a great idea and look what happened to him. It was his first game all over again. Ironically, that was also against the Bruins.

I could literally write maybe five posts about the power play and penalty kill on their own but I won't. The power play has taken off from where it ended last season and still looks horrible. It makes me question how Brian McCutcheon is still a part of this organization. No matter how many times you mix up those power play lines; if you don't shoot on the net, nothing is going to go in. Ryan made a good point to me last night during our discussion "Why is Paul Gaustad on the first power play unit when we have another guy who does the same thing, only a thousand times better?" As much as I love the Goose, he is no deflection master. The only one who is actually good at that on this team is Thomas Vanek even though the likes of Gaustad and Stafford can place themselves in front of the net and get hit on a nightly basis. They just can't score goals from that position. No comment on the short handed goals...

Last night also proved how awful our penalty kill has been this season. I think at the beginning it was all right since it took a few games for us to let in a goal on the opposing power play, but now we just can't seem to get it out of the zone. I believe that for the last few games we've at least let in one power play goal per game. Our defensive effort is a disaster so far. The only defenseman I've been impressed with at all this season is Jordan Leopold since he has seemed to be pretty consistent so far in that I only notice him when he's been on the score sheet.

I think everyone who reads my blog knows how much I despise Derek Roy, but I can't even find it within myself to make negative comments towards him anymore. I have to give credit where credit is due and say he has been our best player thus far because of his points. It actually pained me to type that up, ugh. Maybe I should actually appreciate him more since he is consistently getting points. Amazing what having a terrible team can do to you!

Thoughts on the captaincy - it looks like Rivet isn't going to give it up, and I think we have to try and remember that the guys on this team had chosen him as captain. As weird as that whole thing was, I think Craig has been a good voice when speaking in interviews. There are other guys in the locker room who have voiced their opinions too and could take on a leadership role. I don't think changing the captain will do this team any good, though. The 'C' is just a letter and nothing more. Maybe some more guys in the locker room should step up and admit that they haven't been playing as well as they should be. None of this 'oh, let's change the captaincy' crap.

Then there's the whole 'fire Lindy' option. If we look as some recent teams who fired their coaches and ended up going to the Finals (Pittsburgh and Philadelphia come to mind). Lindy Ruff can only work with so much and the guys at the helm are Larry Quinn and Darcy Regier. If anyone should be fired from their job, it's the guys at the top and not the bottom. If you give Lindy Ruff a good team to work with, he will work with them and teach them. Right now it is obviously not a good team and they can't even seem to work out any of their problems as of this moment.

I know that it's been nearly one month of hockey with only three wins, but my finger is hovering over that panic button. It hasn't been hit yet. How about you?


Postgame: 10-24-10.

I don't understand how the Sabres can play so well on the road and then look horrible when they're playing at home. I didn't see the Ottawa game because I was at work but I was intermittently listening to it on the radio so I knew they lost. I have no idea how they played since I didn't read anything up on it either. They went 0-4-1 for the times they were at home and right now are looking like road warriors. I guess that's a good thing but at the same thing, it's a really bad thing. You need to be able to win at home too...Maybe they'll figure things out when November comes around.

Ilya Kovalchuk was scratched last night for reasons that continue to be unknown to the fans perspective. Also, the media doesn't seem to know what's going on because the Devils' GM is keeping his mouth shut. The fact that he is getting paid $100 million and was now scratched for a game should be a concern for the Devils. A HUGE concern. Who knows what is going on behind closed doors but it feels as if the organization is going to crack soon. That's what happens when you practically sign a guy for life...

The Sabres beating Hedberg last night was comforting since he's had our number in Atlanta for years. The Devils just did not look good either, even though for the beginning portion of the game they did look like the team with fresher legs. I think Niedermayer and Gerbe got their first points last night so good for them! It looks like this year the goals will be coming from all different guys again. At least it won't just be two or one guys...speaking of which, I won't be surprised if Thomas takes over the goal scoring lead on the team. At least pucks are starting to go in for him now. It's nice to see him be rewarded for his effort.

The Sabres don't play again until Tuesday in Philadelphia so they're getting a nice break. Hopefully they can take it to them. Go Sabres.


Postgame: 10-21-10.

There is nothing more refreshing than seeing the boys finally get a win over a team that they should beat night in and night out. It was even better to see that they took advantage of a team that just got back from their west coast adventure. We as Sabres fans know how that goes when the boys get back home...yeesh. Those this year might be different since they don't even know how to win at home. AWESOME.

Tyler Ennis started off the scoring by getting a shot past Chris Mason. Now, the shot would have been a totally easy save if Mason hadn't dropped down early. It was definitely a weak goal but nice to see that the Sabres got on the board first. Tyler Myers added one on the power play in the second period and that was his first goal. Cody McCormick got his second of the season just a few minutes after that, and then in the third period, Thomas Vanek FINALLY ripped a shot from about twenty feet out and it went right passed Mason. He looked up to the ceiling after he scored, you could tell he was happy something finally went in. Maybe this now means that he can be on a streak.

I think that overall, the boys played well yesterday. There were a few times where I was questioning their skating ability because it just looked like the game was slow. Or maybe it was just Atlanta. Seriously, they along with the Blue Jackets got a record for the lowest attendance at a hockey game in the NHL (I think) yesterday. My one brother suggested we fly to Atlanta and sit near the glass because no one clearly had tickets to that game. I bet being a fan of someone other than the Thrashers and going to see your team for cheap is very nice. I would adore that. Not the weather, but being that close every night. I have family that lives down there that are fans of both the Sabres and Thrashers but I think they only go when the Sabres come to town. Totally understandable. My uncle keeps me updated on in game stuff that they do and he says he can't stand it.

The Sabres are playing the Senators tomorrow, and I'm actually looking forward to this game. I'll be at work and maybe I'll be able to listen to it on the radio, so I can hear if the first game was just a fluke or that they might actually be able to compete against this team. Remember boys, the Senators are not that much better than you. Don't let them continually get to your heads. You've got this.

Go Sabres.


It begins.

I'd like to thank the creator of Twitter for coming up with the idea for it. You see, especially during hockey games, I'm a raving lunatic. I need to express my anger or my complete happiness somewhere and I can't do it outloud at my house because of my mother usually being in bed during hockey games. I swear up a storm, use all caps. I am that type of person when it comes to watching this sport. For all those people who still follow me even after reading my obscene comments, thanks for sticking around. I think I use Twitter to get out all of my frustration and if I want to write a blog post the next day, I'm extremely calm. So thanks for that, creator of Twitter. You had people like me in your mind when you came up with the concept.

The Sabres lost their fifth straight game yesterday, and Phil over at Black & Blue & Gold had mentioned on Twitter if anyone remembered the ten game losing streak. To be honest, that came into my mind after the Devils game. I didn't really think they would lose the next two games after that but it just doesn't seem like ANYTHING is going right for this team right now. Both goaltenders can't seem to steal a W (though Ryan did steal a point for the boys against New Jersey). We can't seem to score more than three goals a game and that's only happened two out of the six games. Thomas Vanek can't get the puck in the net. Most shots on goal but nothing to show for it which is just REALLY, REALLY weird. It isn't like he's not trying, he is but the puck keeps avoiding to go in the net when he shoots it. Our defensive pairings are really screwed up. I don't know what happened to Tyler but I think he is now a minus seven. Guys, that's really bad considering I think he was a plus player last year. I hope this is just a fluke and he doesn't have the dreaded sophomore slump.

It was comforting to see more guys than Derek Roy score last night, that's for sure. Drew, Goose, and Cody all got on the board. Thomas got an assist (WOO HOO) but that could not stop the Hawks. I said it on Twitter, I said it on Facebook - time to get more goal songs. Obviously you're going to love it because it pisses off opposing teams and fans and if you're a Hawks fan, but if you plan on having this song 20+ years into the future then have fun with that disaster. I don't even care about the Hawks in terms of I do not love them or hate them but I HATE that song during the hockey season. It's too bad I'll have to hear it more while watching the Canucks play them this year, ugh.

The Sabres next game is on Wednesday and I think fans deserve a break from this. I wonder if Lindy will be able to light a fire under their butts so they come out flying because the Thrashers have our number badly. It's time to take care of teams who are less talented than we are - or are they?

Go Sabres.


Postgame: 10-11-10.

No one wants to see a player get hurt, no matter what team it is. Unless you're Flyers fans but that's a whole 'nother story for a different time. As most of us know Jason Pominville got hit from behind by Niklas Hjarlmasson last night. Niklas isn't a dirty player by any means but the hit itself was quite dirty and left Jason motionless on the ice for a little bit. Lindy says he has a concussion and will be out for a least a week. Niklas received a two game suspension for it.

...Wait, only two games?!

I think it would be different if the James Wisniewski/Sean Avery incident didn't happen earlier yesterday too. If you haven't heard about that, Wiz made a very inappropriate gesture towards Avery and that caused a ruckus. Now, he was also suspended for two games. Are you telling me the league is putting inappropriate gestures in the SAME category as getting a concussion and thankfully not being hurt worse? You bet they are.

This league is a joke and frankly, I don't wonder why anymore they don't show it on national television. Colin Campbell doesn't understand how to hand out suspensions. Neither do I, but I'm sure there's a better person out there for the job. If anything, Niklas should stay out until Jason comes back as punishment. An eye for an eye so to speak. It would just make sense.

I know I put 'Postgame' in the heading, but I don't know what to say about last night other than I'm glad Jason is all right. I don't know what happened to the boys out there and so far, I've only listened to one interview about what went on. From reading others' Tweets, it sounds like they said the right things after the loss. Hopefully they can turn it around for tomorrow night's game when they face a familiar looking dude - Henrik Tallinder.

TEAOTAS is going to the game tomorrow too so look out for matching Rivet jerseys if you want to say hi. Go Sabres.


TEAOTAS crashes the home opener.

And the Sabres manage to crash it too, in a horrible way.

They dropped a 6-3 decision against the New York Rangers and decided to let Derek Stepan get his first NHL goal PLUS a hat trick in his first NHL game. For the record, congratulations Derek! He is only the fourth rookie to ever do that in his first NHL game which is pretty impressive. He capitalized on his chances which the Sabres did not do for most of the night last night. He is now the answer to a trivia question.

Tamara and I made it to the arena rather early and got our magnet schedules (!!!). We then did the usual, watching pregame warm ups and whatnot. The Sabres decided to change the Sabres In Traffic photos around the arena so now I get to see this whenever I get up the stairs:

*wiggles eyebrows*
Moving on.

My brother and mom were at the game too, FUN TIMES. My mom hasn't been to a game in a couple of years, and it's sad she had to see that monstrosity of a game last night. Seriously, they had almost forty (if not over) shots on goal and could only score three. Their power play units need to be shot. Everyone would not skate last night. WHAT GIVES? I understand back to back nights but you can't always use that as an excuse.

I was so angry by the end of the game that I was yelling at Rangers fans to go back to the city. Like, literally screaming it. Also calling the Sabres bastards but I never booed them once since I don't roll like that. Yesterday was just SUCH a sloppy game. I started laughing in the third just because that's all you can do when your favorite team plays like that. I'm pretty sure all of my screaming helped me feel much better though.

For the record, Thomas Vanek has the lowest +/- on this team with a -5. Go figure. Haha, man, I hate life right now.

The Sabres face the Stanley Cup champions tomorrow and I hope that it'll be more exciting in that both teams will score a lot of goals. With the Sabres coming out on top, of course. Someone needs to wreck Patrick Kane's life too, that would be spendid.

Go Sabres.


TEAOTAS returns for the preseason.

Tamara and I actually attended the Leafs game together too, but since I made a video for that game I figured it was unnecessary for the TEAOTAS post. So for the first time this season, TEAOTAS has returned! I know you're all excited to hear about our stupidawesome adventures throughout this season as we go to games. We sat fairly close at the game yesterday and neither of us brought our cameras. Can you say epic fail? Ah well, I'm dangerous with a camera to begin with and sitting up close would have been more of a disaster if I had it on me. Tamara and I apparently were on the Flyers feed at one point if you were watching online or on the NHL Network, and were seen talking. Honest to God, that's not different from how we usually are during games anyways.

The Flyers got off to a quick 2-0 start and the annoying Flyers fans that were sitting near us caused a ruckus. Then that's when the onslaught began with eight straight goals. I was hoping for ten, but I GUESS nine is okay. :P It was a good way to end the preseason with a huge win like that, but as Flyers fans would probably say 'YOU BEAT OUR B-TEAM!!!111' That's your B-Team? They need some work. Better get on that, Phantoms.

Can we talk about Drew Stafford for a minute? You already have? I'm going to talk about him again anyways. I'm talking about the goal. You know what I'm talking about. As soon as the puck went into the net, I turned to Tamara and went 'that was an Ovechkin goal'. There's no video of it online as of yet, but it reminds me of the goal he scored against the Leafs two seasons ago. I stand by my statement that I said on Twitter that the guy is going to get 35+ goals this season. Not good in a contract year? I don't care, the guy deserves a good season and everyone to get off his back. He also got the first star which we were happy to see. :) Aww, Drewseph.

It's weird to think that the real season starts on Thursday for the league. It's about time, to be honest. I just wonder how the boys are going to come out against Ottawa on Friday...we shall see, won't we?

As an end to this post, I am leaving you with the new Ryan Miller ad. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. There's something about the frustration in his eyes when Don LeGreca says over the commercial 'but do you think they can be a Stanley Cup contender?' It speaks for this city, those eyes. Enjoy.


This isn't working out as nicely as I thought it would.

For the oddest reason, my videos refuse to upload within a first attempt and I have to keep trying. They keep not working and it's NOT because they're corrupted. It happened with my Ottawa video and now it's happening with my Montreal one so I'm basically saying 'fuck it' and plan on not doing them for awhile. Besides, I sort of miss writing down all of my thoughts and acting like a real blogger.

I was working at Timmy's last night and thankfully since I was put on dishes, I could listen to the Sabres game on the radio. From what I could hear, it sounded as if the Sabres got a LOT of dumb penalties that cost them considering both non-empty net Flyer goals were on the Power Play. I thought our penalty kill was solid for the most part this preseason but if you're going to continue to take a bunch of penalties in the game, you're eventually going to get scored on. Especially with giving two 5-on-3 advantages. Unless you're the Sabres and you're playing the Sens but that's a whole 'nother story.

I also heard that Tim Connolly possibly got hurt last night because his leg twisted in a weird angle and scared the crap out of all of Buffalo, as per usual. He ended up coming back later on and apparently looked fine. I'm going to make a bold prediction right now and says he plays all 82 - YES, ALL OF THEM - games this year. He won't have any back problems, no concussions, no fractured discs of the sort. It'll be a smooth year. He was close last season and then he had that mishap at the end of it, but I really believe that he'll be fine considering this is also a contract year for him.

I'm going to the game on Sunday so if any lovely bloggers want to meet up at some point, send me an email or Tweet at me. I'd love to say hello and/or finally meet you!


Vlog: Postgame 9-29-10.

This is incredibly late but the video wouldn't upload for me last night. Yes, I am very hostile in this video and it's only the third one in! Yeah man.


Vlog: Postgame 9-28-10.

Unlike last time, I actually put the correct date.


Vlog: Postgame 9-26-10.

My first video. Go me. Also, go Sabres!

Edit: Thanks to Phil over at Blue, Black & Gold for noticing the title. I suck.


Training Camp: Day One.

For the record, I always keep forgetting that the Sabres split up the boys into three groups - the practice squad for the day and then the two teams who are playing in the scrimmage. Team Seymour (I think) was out for the practice squad today. Stafford has been looking extremely sharp these past few days and I heard that he lost quite a few pounds for the new season. I think he wants to prove everyone wrong because I do believe he just had a rusty season last year. It happens to every player.

For some reason, Miller was wearing his light blue mask during practice. I never took a liking to that one mainly because it clashes against the navy blue of the home jerseys. I don't know if he'll wear it with the third, which it might look better with, but I'm just not a fan. I much prefer the one he always wears. Leopold looks like Lydman when he takes off his helmet and that kind of bothers me too. Toni. *sad face*
I heard Team Norty won the game today in the shootout (go Lalime!) and that was the team I was cheering for. We had left early for food and so that I could get my brother's away jersey and I found a new little buddy for my car.I won't be at practice tomorrow because of school, but I'll be there on Tuesday when they're at the Northtown Center since I don't have my class in the morning. Can't wait!


Puck Drop 2010 and it's festivities.

Puck Drop 2010 has come and past, but it had it's moments. The day long event gave fans a chance to see their favorites in action on the first day of training camp while also letting them finally see the new jerseys that were coming out today. I'm pretty sure everyone left the arena happy as I know that I did. I think I am just eagerly awaiting for the real season to begin and it was nice to catch a glimpse of some hockey again.

The practice squad was the first group that was on the ice and consisted of guys like Vanek, Rivet, Montador, and others. The practice squad was out on the ice for about an hour and a half; just practicing a few drills and other miscellaneous things. I was impressed with a few guys especially during the drill where you had to battle the puck of of someone. Vanek was going all out against a few guys and I hope that has to do with him being in amazing shape this season.

At 11:45, each Sabre was announced and came out one after another in the home, away, and third jerseys respectively. It was neat to watch them skate around in the new garments. It's going to take time to get used to the style (especially the cross stitch on the numbers), but I think that I'll be able to come to love the look. I definitely like the shade of blue used for the jerseys. I can't wait until they wear them during a game. Those are going to look super flashy on the ice.

After the unveiling, they had a scrimmage go on. Sekera ended up going to the penalty box twice, while Connolly, Stafford, Foligno, and another rookie who I can't think of at the moment were also in there. Unfortunately, I don't remember who scored either but there were some sweet goals at both ends. For the shootout, Myers almost killed Leggio as he actually had to jump over the poor guy in the net. Ennis had an extremely nice goal that went top shelf while Pominville scored his only goal this season. Just kidding - at least I hope. Team White ended up winning the entire scrimmage.

There's a practice tomorrow which I'm attending so if you happen to see me, feel free to stop and say hello! You can't miss the girl with bushy hair and a Vanek jersey.


Hockey's back! Kind of.

Tonight starts the beginning of the top Sabres games from last season, and as I write this, it's about fifteen minutes away from puck drop. The first game they're showing is when Tyler Myers scored on the shootout and pretty much sealed his fate with the Sabres that night. I don't remember much from the game other than the shootout to be honest so it'll be nice to catch the things I missed. I think for the occasion I'll put on a jersey or something, and curl up to watch the game. I'm pretty excited. It's only because I haven't seen these boys on ice since the 26th of April and this is the only kind of hockey I have until next week Saturday when Puck Drop happens. It's so close but still so far away!

Speaking of Puck Drop, I'm sure most of you have already seen the new duds. Rather, a leak of the 'supposed' new duds. My take on it? I like the third jersey, I really do. I think that the homage to the Buffalo Bisons team in the old days is great. The only thing that may concern me is the supposed checkered numbers that I'm hearing about and I hope that isn't true. The image in my head that I have right now of them is NOT pretty whatsoever. I'm mildly concerned about that but I guess we'll all see once Puck Drop happens, right? I really have no opinion on the away jerseys because I personally don't like away jerseys. White isn't my color and plus, I would get a bunch of crap on the jerseys when I ate something.

A week and a half left until training camp. Thank the Hockey Gods.


Hockey season is RIGHT THERE.

Puck Drop is two weeks away and I know these days are going to go by slowly until then. I would like to thank the Sabres for deciding to put up several games on MSG during the month so that the craving for hockey won't be as intense. Also, lord knows I'm sort of sick of having to see Tweets about Game 6 versus the Bruins and all my Bruins friends making remarks about 'how great Satan is'. Kill me now.

They've chosen some pretty awesome games to be shown over the month of September. The epic Tampa shootout where it was then set into stone that Tyler would stay up here, then Carcillo being a bitch with Craig and complaining even though he technically won their scuffle. Then you have the Chicago game where Patty won his first game, and the Pittsburgh and Atlanta games that were amazing in their own ways. I just hope that never happens again where they have to come back from such big deficits. Later is the Phoenix game (before Thomas' birthday when I made Austria cupcakes!) and then the awesome Ottawa game. I wish I had DVR because I would tape it if I did and keep it forever.

So now I have a lot to look forward to and it gives me something to do on school nights. It'd be amusing to see if I missed anything during the games too. The only game I actually attended out of all of those was the Chicago game and I'm sure I missed something along the way. A terrible habit Tamara and I have is making up a ton of crap during games and talking through it. It's about the Sabres of course but regardless, we miss a lot going on. I think we have to tone it down this year depending on how many games we go to and if we go to many at all. Maybe then I won't have to say 'WHOA! When did they put in the back-up?' IE; me not knowing that Henrik Lundqvist was pulled in the home closer. My bad.

Get ready, folks. Hockey season is upon us and training camp is only that much closer.



I decided that this year, I might actually do some v-logs for recaps of games instead of written posts. I obviously would not have time to do v-logs ALL the time because of school and work, but I would try to make videos as much as I could. I know a lot of people who do it and I would try to make it more fun than just all facts. I've been pondering the idea for most of the summer so I think I'm going to go ahead and do it.

I wish I had something to ACTUALLY write about but there's no news that's getting me going. I would have a report about how epic Hockeyfest might have been but I wasn't able to go because I worked all weekend. Tamara and I were supposed to get our Rivet jerseys but alas. I'm starting to wonder if maybe we should even get them because they'll probably only be useful for a year. Then again, my ex bought herself a Bernier jersey a few weeks before he was traded and now I own it. No one would buy it off me so I'm sure it's collecting dust in my closet. Awesome buys!

This Friday, I think I'm going to go to the Amherst Center and see who is starting to skate for the Sabres. A few of them start to skate around this time. I know Connolly was there early last summer and so was Rivet. Also, Buffalo favorites like Biron and McKee skate there too! I just never know what time they skate at. Hardly very many people show up to see them but it's fun if you have nothing else to do.


On how I might sort of watch the Florida Panthers this season.

This isn't some late April Fool's joke. I have been contemplating over the past month whether or not I should try watching the Panthers this season. With the departure of Michael Grabner from Vancouver to Florida, that gives me a good reason to watch how he develops with the team. At least he's on the East Coast now and I can see him play more if he stays up with the club, which I think he will. Even if he doesn't he'll be on Rochester, and I would LOVE to go to a game just to see him. That would be awesome. Then Rochester would've had the pleasure of having two Austrians on their team, OH MY GOD?!


This morning before work I decided to go on the Panthers site to see if there was any information on Grabner, when I thought to myself 'hey, I kind of like David Booth too...' He seems like a sweetie and I nearly forgot Mike Richards almost killed him with his elbow last season. If I'm not mistaken, I THINK he played with Ryan when he was still at Michigan State. He's also one of the better players on the Panthers. This made me contemplate even more 'should I give in? Should I just watch if Grabner's up? Why would I follow a team from the Sun Belt?'

I don't even know any Panthers fans so I have no idea how this is going to work. I'm diving in head first.
Stay healthy, k?


We Sabres fans thought that Vanek contract was bad.

Tamara is always awesome with informing me with hockey news, especially because of me working now often. I work through all the exciting stuff to happen. So she texted me and when I got out of work, I learned that Ilya Kovalchuk had signed with...

New Jersey.

For real? Okay, so I had a feeling that he might pull this sort of stunt to screw with our heads. Keep sitting on his hands until the RIGHT deal came up and it was with the same team he was on at the end of the season. I just never thought it would go through like that. So I thought to myself 'Okay Ilya, you're the ultimate douche and I hope the system kills your playing ability' etc. etc.

This was before I heard what the contract was. Seventeen years at nearly $150 million. I have no idea what the cap hit is per year, but to put it bluntly, holy shit. What happened to the salary cap? Could the NHL possibly go into a lockout mode sooner than they expected, again? This is ridiculous. I saw on Twitter the other day that maybe each team should have a maximum number of years they can sign a guy. I mean, who really thinks Ilya is going to play for seventeen more years? Anyone? He upped my shock face from when the Blackhawks signed Marian Hossa to that fifteen year contract last summer. I wasn't that surprised when Ovie was signed to a thirteen year deal though...

And Sabres fans were afraid of that Vanek contract. Some people still are. It makes me wonder if that was the contract that started everything. I hope not.


Non-hockey season is sooooooooo boring.

I wish I was able to come up with things to post about but I can't. Ilya Kovalchuk still has not signed with any team and at this point, I don't think anyone really cares anymore. In fact, if he signed with an NHL team, that team's fans might not even give a flying bleepity bleep. I use to respect the guy as a hockey player too because I think he has immense talent (or maybe that was just Atlanta making him look like a superstar)? Unfortunately this stupid waiting game has cost him my respect so whatever Ilya, go do what you want to do. Go to the KHL for all I care.

The Sabres summer has quickly gone from boring, to exciting, to boring again. I need news on anything. I will TAKE news on anything. The last thing they did was sign a forward for Portland, Tim Conboy, and I read he destroyed little Nate during a game here at HSBC? DISLIKE. Welcome to Buffalo/Portland Tim, etc. etc. Just don't kill any of your teammates now. I'm sure Nate is just THRILLED about this.

About a month left until some of the boys will show up at the Amherst Center to warm up for training camp, thank God. I need some hockey in my life. I hope that I'll be able to go out there for a few of them if work doesn't happen to tie me up. If not, then I'll just go the days that I can.

ALSO, the most important news of the day that's actually old news: Ryan Kesler has a Twitter. Have fun kids.


In His Defense: Patrick Lalime.

I don't exactly know where to start on Patrick Lalime. When he had first come to the Buffalo Sabres in the 2008-2009 season, I didn't know much about the guy. All I knew was that he was a veteran goaltender who had previously had stints with Pittsburgh, Ottawa, St. Louis and Chicago.


Quick thing.

That Patrick Lalime defense post will come up shortly (Tamara wants it NOW) but I'm lazy and I'm trying to figure out how to properly word everything to make it right. The guy deserves a GOOD post in his defense so I need a bit more time.

As a filler and because I need my Vanek news during the summer, his website announced that the man himself will be the father of TWINS! So now there'll be three children in the Vanek family and I couldn't be happier. The twinsies are due in November. I hope this doesn't take a toll on him like it did when Blake was born but I know in his life, family comes first. I'm okay with that.

Also, he's getting a plaque placed on a stadium near Olympic names in Zell am See, Austria. They had a ceremony for him yesterday and that's where he announced the news of the twins. He had a book signing too, which, someone needs to get on that and translate it into English. Just reading the excerpts from his website makes me want to read more of it.

I swear I'll have that Patty post up, eventually. Even if it kills me. Maybe.


Sabres go for two: Sign Rob Niedermayer and re-sign Patrick Lalime.

While it's been quiet in Sabreland for the past few days with the minor exceptions of salary arbitration, the signing of some prospects, and development camp going on at Dwyer Arena at Niagara University; something finally went down today. The Sabres signed Rob Niedermayer earlier this afternoon. I for one did not know he was up for a contract. I thought for sure he had signed longer with the New Jersey Devils after leaving Anaheim.

It was amusing when the news broke because most people were immediately thinking of Rob's brother, Scott. While Scott is an awesome player who has unfortunately hung them up for good, it's pretty cool to have his brother on the team. He is less awesome but still awesome. I used awesome too much in this paragraph, forgive me.

Word has it that two other teams vying for Niedermayer's services were the Oilers and Penguins. I understand passing up the Oilers because of their current state but the Pens, really? I love it when players come to Buffalo BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, not because it's their only option. Welcome to Buffalo, Rob!

What else happened today? Oh that's right.

Yes I'm excited, what of it? I think I might have to do a full on rant tomorrow about how I feel about the guy's playing and why I'm glad he's sticking around. For now, I'll just wish the guy a very happy birthday and a welcome back!


Day 1 of Free Agency: How Swede it is not, a not so great Finnish and...hey Jordan Leopold!

Pun totally intended on that whole title. Except for the 'hey Jordan Leopold' because I couldn't think of anything witty to do with that. Give me a break, it's late when I'm writing this post.

I was home for most of the fireworks from earlier today but was at work when our Swede and our Finn departed this team. Tamara had to come into Tim Horton's to inform me of the horrible news. I'm not saying I was completely shocked because most of us know how Darcy rolls by now. Apparently he did everything he could to keep the two of them but I don't know if I believe that a hundred percent...

So Toni is off to California while Hank is only going to New Jersey (which is ironic in itself, considering that goal he scored against Marty...). I know that they'll both be in good hands but they were on this team when I started to get back into hockey so I'm extremely sad. I just wish them the absolute best with their careers now.

Now Jordan Leopold was influenced to come here by the one and only Thomas Vanek. Not totally, but I guess when the Sabres showed interest, he talked to Thomas and their wives conversed as well. I think that's pretty awesome how players that are friends can talk to one another and ask if it might be a good decision to go to so and so place. I think the real thing that sealed the deal was Thomas mentioning how the wings were good here. Oh, you sly man you. Leopold was signed to a three year contract so he'll be here for a bit. I just hope that he's good.


The NHL and it's sex appeal.

Oh hello, I'm back again. The Stanley Cup Finals hasn't interested me much at all thanks to me being bitter towards Chicago, and I just dislike Philadelphia. Thus equals me not watching very much hockey lately but Twitter has managed to keep me up to date on everything - including a very disturbing article I just read on how the NHL has 'a lot of sex appeal' and that's why a ton of women are beginning to watch it as of late.

Being a woman myself, I can't disagree with the fact that there are many good looking hockey players out there. There's a lot more attractive guys if you happen to love bumps and bruises on a person. The scars, the scraps, are in my opinion sort of sexy. However, I know very many intelligent female hockey fans who enjoy the sport for THE sport, not for the guys. You may have your favorite players, but you tend to love them for their skills instead of how they look with their equipment off.

Now yesterday, the NHL's Twitter retweeted the article I mentioned above which...I don't exactly know how that's supposed to make me feel. The NHL should know that not all of the women who watch the sport are like some of these people who were quoted in the article. For example:
“I watch the games with my husband and I have no idea who anyone is,” says Sue Loeb, a mother of two from Clifton, New Jersey, whose husband, Dan, is a rabid New York Rangers fan. “But then I see pictures of these guys in magazines and online without their equipment on, and you see how good-looking they really are.”
Perhaps, but you could at least try to understand the game and get to know who the players are. Everyone starts out not knowing who anyone is, I mean, that's how I was. Then after a few games I could name all the players and understood most of what was going on.

Also, the article talks about how various celebrities are now finding love with hockey players such as Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff. Oh, so I guess we have them to thank for getting their fans to see their sexy boyfriends which causes a mass amount of females to start watching the sport? No thanks. How about growing up in a family that just happened to love hockey or live in a hockey town? It's more than just celebrities and looks that attracts fans to sport - at least the ones that actually give a damn. For shame on the NHL for even retweeting that article in the first place. I felt embarrassed reading through the entire thing. I just think that all female fans shouldn't be placed into one group because a lot of us have different reasons as to why we watch the game.

Here's the entire article for those who wish to read up on it: Hockey's Hottest Men and Hollywood Wives.


This series isn't going to be easy.

With the Buffalo Sabres being out of the playoff picture, the only team I have left that I am truly rooting for is the Vancouver Canucks. I've had people ask me before why I decide to root for a Canadian team over an American one after the Sabres get out, but I don't have a real answer for that. I don't even know how I began to like Vancouver to tell you the truth. It was not because of Ryan Kesler. The love for the team came before the love for the man. I want them to win the Cup but then the Sabres would be the only team inducted in 1970 that would have not won a Cup yet. It's such a struggle in my brain.

Last night, the Canucks spanked the Hawks by a score of 5-1. All four lines contributed offensively which was different from the first round against the Kings. Also, the Hawks only managed to score on one of their power plays and they had quite a few of them. It's nice to see the penalty kill become progressively better as opposed to what it looked like in the first round. Michael Grabner scored his first ever playoff goal and I was pumped as hell. Watching him play this year made me realize how fantastic of a skater he is. He's the complete opposite of Thomas except they both drive to the net. That's how he scored his goal. Damn, I love these Austrians.

I'm expecting the Hawks to come out flying the next game. Last year, Vancouver won the first game of the series too...I want to see if they will be able to steal two on the road. Then I think I'll feel a little better about this series. I really hope it's different from last season.


What if?

This post is not one for the negative nancies or those who want the entire roster changed up. When I say the entire roster I MEAN the entire roster, and I'm so glad we don't have fans as the GM.

This is a post about the positives I took away from this season. We ended up short obviously and I expected the Sabres to at least make it past the first round - we were even thought to be Cup contenders because of Ryan Miller as the goaltender. We just didn't have the pieces up front to do the job.

One positive is how great Ryan played during the whole season. Thanks to him extending his contract last summer, we now have him for at least five more years back in the net. I know that as a fan, I'm pretty comfortable with that.

Secondly, the play of Tyler Myers. I wasn't impressed with him when he was still in the 'is he staying or going' stage and a little bit after he stayed either. As the season progressed, I started to see what all the fuss was about. What an amazing player. It was as if he didn't miss a beat in the playoffs. I'm excited to see what he's going to bring in his sophomore year next season.

Finally, the baby Sabres. I cannot say good enough things about Tyler Ennis. Watching him with the puck, he did magical things. He continued to battle for the puck even when he was on his knees. I have a feeling he's going to make the roster right from the get go. Nathan Gerbe also had better stints up here than he did last season and that was great to see. I feel like he'll be up here at the start of next season as well; along with Ennis.

The offseason is the time for fans to complain about what went wrong and who needs to go, I know this. I'm going to wait until it's officially the offseason for that though. Still a ways to go before July 1st people. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.


I don't get it.

News was released today by several sources (The Buffalo News, Sabres.com and Yahoo! to name a few) that stated the decision is now left on Thomas' shoulders about whether or not he's going to play in tomorrow's game. I'm not the only one who found this to be a dumb move by Lindy to at least publicize this. Now that it's gotten out to various news sources, the shit may hit the fan tomorrow if Thomas deems that he is unable to play at the moment because of lingering soreness. The guy can't work at 90%. In his interview today, he says he doesn't want to take someone out of the lineup to put him in if he can't work at 100%. I like his attitude.

I think what really boggles my mind about this is that Lindy should know how the fans will react if Thomas says he can't play tomorrow. Especially because of this being an elimination game, they're going to be a lot worse than they would otherwise. This brings up the whole debate with some people of Ruff vs. Vanek. Allll because Lindy sat the guy in the playoffs during 2006 and look how he bounced back the next year. I don't think this is another one of those moments but surely, Lindy has realized what he's done...not very good.

Whatever, I know I'll be sticking up for the guy if it comes down to him saying no tomorrow. He will have valid reasons for not playing. It's obvious how much he wants and needs to get back out on the ice so everyone needs to chill out.


You need to believe.

After the thriller that was double overtime last night, you have to wonder how frustrated this team is and if they should be more frustrated with themselves. People are blaming bad calls (myself included), others are blaming players for not being able to score. The thing that sickens me the most is that you can tell this team misses Thomas at the moment. I'm not saying he would solve all of the problems and he shouldn't because one person, a team does not make. I guess the energy really was sucked out of everyone after he went down. They don't even know if he's going to be ready to go for tomorrow so the Sabres may be screwed yet again. I am trying to keep my hopes up as much as possible though. I don't want him to play at half health.

Another frustrating thing is the lack of scoring on the power play. Wasn't it last year where we were in the top five almost all year? I mean, Thomas had twenty power play goals and a lot of other guys scored on it too. We haven't scored once yet this playoffs on it. I don't know what the problem is, whether they aren't cycling the puck well enough or not enough traffic is in front. Then again, I don't think these guys like to even shoot at the net so guys like Goose and Thomas can't get rebounds or attempt to stuff it in. We had a good chance to end the game yesterday on a power play but didn't use the opportunity to our advantage. Meanwhile, Boston scored on a 'too many men' penalty...

This team isn't done yet. There is another chance for the Sabres to step up tomorrow and I know I am going to be on a rollercoaster of emotions. We're going to the Party in the Plaza tomorrow and I really hope the Sabres fans bring their A game. We as fans were brutal this year, the energy was not there. I would give us maybe a C on how much we cheered on the team this year. Come on Sabres fans, I know you can do it.


Ryan Kesler: Selke Finalist

The NHL today announced their finalists for the Selke Trophy, or the most defensive forward in the league. Yesterday they announced the Vezina Trophy finalists so congratulations to the Sabres own Ryan Miller for getting the nod as one. I personally think that he will either win the Vezina or the Hart but not both. That's my own opinion though.

The other two finalists for the Selke are Pavel Datsyuk (of course) and Jordan Staal. Datsyuk has gotten the award a thousand times in a row it feels, and I don't know if he deserves it as much now with Detroit not playing too well this year. It shouldn't matter team wise and I never watch the way he plays...though he'll end up winning again, I'm sure. Jordan is Jordan and has always been defensively minded. Ryan has a good chance of winning it but I'm not sure if his defensive skills are going to be looked at so much simply because he had career numbers in the offensive categories. I would absolutely love to see this man get an award but I know that the shiny Cup is a better award than the Selke. The Sabres have to win it first Ryan, sorry.

Speaking of the Sabres...I didn't pay very much attention to last night's game only because it bored me. I had known this was going to be a very defensive series but considering we've only scored six goals in the past three games...Yeah, I'm kind of concerned. Thomas is not the only offensive guy on this team and I want to know where the balanced scoring had disappeared to since the beginning of the season. I believe in this team and I know they have it in them. I just wonder if they believe in themselves.


Came back from the dead just in time.

I think after seeing the numerous Chinese comments appear in my inbox, I decided to get this thing up and running for the playoffs again. I figured 'why not?' My blogging for this year has been pretty bad, at least with having a sense of consistency. I hope I can talk about my thoughts during the playoffs this year more on here just because so far it's been a redonkulous time of playoffs.

This particular post is going to have my biased thoughts on Thomas Vanek show all the way through it. If you haven't seen the incident that happened yesterday with Johnny Boychuk then please go on Puck Daddy or YouTube. Even the Sabres website has video up of what happened. From what I could see on the replay (DOES THIS MAKE ME AN EXPERT?), Boychuk deliberately slashed Vanek's right knee and it caused him to go awkwardly into the boards. According to Mike Harrington yesterday on the good old Twitter feed, Vanek was favoring his left leg and not the right. The slash wasn't the direct cause of the pain but it lead to Vanek falling into the boards in the first place.

Ironic how Boychuk the other day complains about how he believes Tyler Myers should have been suspended on a hit he laid out on him in Game One, and then this just happens to occur. Hmm. I'm not saying he went after Thomas on purpose but my biased opinions are blinding me in the circumstance to decide whether or not that was a cheap slash. I think it was cheap. Will anything be done? No. We just have to hope that Thomas won't be out long. Lindy was quoted as saying that he would 'make the Boston trip for games 3 and 4'. He has no idea how long he could be out for though. It looked like he was in a lot of pain as he limped on his way to the bench.

Anyone who was at the game have any thoughts? I'm sure you guys saw much more unfold than the people who were watching on the televisions did. It's disappointing to see him come back and do so well only to watch him get injured again.


Something new.

I was emailed by a fellow Sabres blogger to start writing for another site, so I accepted it. It's Sabres Hockey Central. I know that my lack of posting on this blog doesn't make me very worthy of joining another site to write articles on that one since I've been busy with school, but I'm going to try it. I encourage you guys to check it out if you would like.


The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Thanks for playing.

Patrick Lalime STILL has not won his 200th game. The guy is going to get it, I just don't know when. It's getting really irritating to watch this team flop in front of him and forget how to score for 55 minutes of a game. Thanks to our savior, Thomas Vanek, he scored twice to make it 3-2...but unfortunately they could not complete the comeback. The Sabres fell 3-2 to the Wild.

One thing that really irked me was the ignorance coming from Sabres fans. I hope you guys know that jeering your own backup goaltender doesn't help him one bit. He was quoted as saying that he felt like he 'was playing at an away game'. I don't blame him one bit for saying that. Maybe if some of our fans weren't such dicks (to put it mildly) he could play better and at least have confidence in himself. None of you booers are helping him out there by your remarks so shut your face.

There is nothing I hate more than fans booing their team or booing the backup. I know the players say it puts some life into them but I don't see the point and as much as the Sabres piss me off some nights, I'm not going to go around booing them. I know I wouldn't take it well if I were being booed if I were in there shoes. At the same time, this is why I am not in the NHL or playing a sport...

The Swedish Nation is tonight. I am hoping for the same outcome as it was in the beginning of the year BESIDES Thomas injuring himself. None of that, mister.


Postgame: 3-10-10.

The Sabres finally scored more than two goals to take this game in regulation away from the Dallas Stars. The Stars haven't won in this building since...you guessed it! Brett Hull's 'No Goal'. I'm pretty sure what he did is some karma for the Stars in this building. I'm just kidding...but maybe I'm not.

Tyler Myers was a beast last night by recording four points in the game He had a goal and three assists (please correct me if I'm wrong). If this kid doesn't get the Calder Trophy, then I don't have faith in this league anymore. Then again, he has awesome competition in both Matt Duchene and Jimmy Howard who are thought to be the other two Finalists for the trophy. I'm expecting to see an incredibly goofy acceptance speech from him!

Does anyone have any idea as to when Mike Robitaille is coming back to do the Sabres games? I don't mind Danny Gare one bit but I really miss him. I just don't know if he isn't coming back at all this season. Any information will ease my heart a little bit, haha.

Minnesota comes into town on Friday. It's the second game of a 'Western Conference' week for the Sabres. Considering their record before their west coast trip was awesome against the West, I hope the Sabres can get back into that winning groove against the conference.


Mark Mancari, you're up.

According to this Sabres Edge article, Mark Mancari has been called up to play with the Sabres since Drew's injured and is playing with Thomas and Derek for tonight's game. Looks like Lindy has a lot of confidence in him tonight to put him on that line and I know with those two guys, he can maybe get something going. I wasn't impressed with him when he was up here earlier in the year (also against the Rangers) but maybe tonight will be different for him.

The Pirates are also playing here today in Buffalo, so best of luck to them so they can defeat Rochester! Go Pirates! Let's go, Buffalo!


Does this mean Raffi Torres will get a hat trick?

I really love the first week after trade deadline day for many different reasons. Usually it seems the new guys have a ton of pressure on them and fans of a team wonder 'what can this guy do? Is he going to perform well or poorly? What can he do for this team?' Some of the new guys can go right out there and score goal or maybe even two. Steve Bernier did that his first game playing for Buffalo. Scott Walker scored twice last night for the Capitals. Even Clarke scored for Atlanta last night against the Islanders (with Max getting an assist no doubt!). I'm not expecting Raffi to score a goal, but I want to see his presence on the ice. I want to see him make a hit or two; get a little chippy. If he can do any of those things, I will be extremely happy.

What this team needs is someone to give them a little spark, and Raffi seems to be the guy to do it, if anything. Hopefully his physical game will cause other guys to want to go and do the same thing. The Sabres need to get back into the groove that helped them win games in the beginning of the season. I hope Raffi Torres can be the one that helps bring that swagger back.


Trade Deadline Day recap (extra late)

Considering I had a lot to do yesterday, I wasn't able to make a post about what the Sabres did on Trade Deadline Day! I freaked out on Twitter about how the Sabres were probably going to do nothing except move maybe a draft pick or two since it was narrowing down to the last hour of the deadline but they made a couple of moves. Addition by subtraction so to speak.

So let's welcome Raffi Torres to the team! He was drafted by the New York Islanders and played for them while also playing for the Oilers and the Blue Jackets. From what I've heard, he's a power forward - he can score some clutch goals but tends to get physical too. He's a little bit better than Goose with the goal wise, but I think physical wise they're around the same. He's the leading goal scorer on the team now...yeah, I said that. Time to step it up Thomas!

Leaving were Nathan Paetsch and Clarke MacArthur. Patches went to Columbus while Clarke went to Atlanta. I'm going to miss the both of them - Patches for always being there when we needed him at defense or at forward and Clarke for his awesome fro. It's just too bad things didn't work out here. I wish them the absolute best with the rest of their careers.


And we're back.

I'm pretty sure that The Coldffalo Train has ended up in the grave, so I decided to come back to my lovely, little home here at Puck Over The Glass. I know all of you have missed me. Maybe? Eh, why not.

Still on an Olympic hangover, I'm pretty excited to see the Sabres play the Penguins tonight. Too bad it won't be a matchup of Ryan Miller against Sidney Crosby again but do we really want to see that? Not this girl. Good thing this game isn't on Versus otherwise they would be milking the highlights of Sidney scoring on Ryan over and over and over again. I think Tamara would appreciate it.

Patty said yesterday in his interview that he's in tonight, and my Twitter feed has erupted after learning that Brent Johnson will get the start tonight for the Penguins. Back up against back up tonight! I don't get it considering Marc-Andre didn't even get a second of playing time during the Olympics, but okay Dan Bylsma.

I hope the Sabres can come out strong and beat the Pens tonight. Especially because they have a tougher opponent in the Capitals tomorrow and the Russians on the team are going to be upset. Let's go, Buffalo!