Ryan Kesler: Selke Finalist

The NHL today announced their finalists for the Selke Trophy, or the most defensive forward in the league. Yesterday they announced the Vezina Trophy finalists so congratulations to the Sabres own Ryan Miller for getting the nod as one. I personally think that he will either win the Vezina or the Hart but not both. That's my own opinion though.

The other two finalists for the Selke are Pavel Datsyuk (of course) and Jordan Staal. Datsyuk has gotten the award a thousand times in a row it feels, and I don't know if he deserves it as much now with Detroit not playing too well this year. It shouldn't matter team wise and I never watch the way he plays...though he'll end up winning again, I'm sure. Jordan is Jordan and has always been defensively minded. Ryan has a good chance of winning it but I'm not sure if his defensive skills are going to be looked at so much simply because he had career numbers in the offensive categories. I would absolutely love to see this man get an award but I know that the shiny Cup is a better award than the Selke. The Sabres have to win it first Ryan, sorry.

Speaking of the Sabres...I didn't pay very much attention to last night's game only because it bored me. I had known this was going to be a very defensive series but considering we've only scored six goals in the past three games...Yeah, I'm kind of concerned. Thomas is not the only offensive guy on this team and I want to know where the balanced scoring had disappeared to since the beginning of the season. I believe in this team and I know they have it in them. I just wonder if they believe in themselves.


Aubrey said...

Hey you're back! And with good news too. Yay for Kes and Jordan :)

I'm actually really enjoying the Sabres/Bruins series. Pr'y because, while I like both teams, I'm not an emotionally invested fan. Though I'd like it a little better if the Sabres weren't being injured.

Shelby Rose said...

Thanks Aubrey! (: It's good to be back somewhat.

Yeah, I am not liking all of these Sabres being injured...though now it's okay because Portland is out of the AHL Playoffs so I guess it'll be easier to bring guys up here.