What if?

This post is not one for the negative nancies or those who want the entire roster changed up. When I say the entire roster I MEAN the entire roster, and I'm so glad we don't have fans as the GM.

This is a post about the positives I took away from this season. We ended up short obviously and I expected the Sabres to at least make it past the first round - we were even thought to be Cup contenders because of Ryan Miller as the goaltender. We just didn't have the pieces up front to do the job.

One positive is how great Ryan played during the whole season. Thanks to him extending his contract last summer, we now have him for at least five more years back in the net. I know that as a fan, I'm pretty comfortable with that.

Secondly, the play of Tyler Myers. I wasn't impressed with him when he was still in the 'is he staying or going' stage and a little bit after he stayed either. As the season progressed, I started to see what all the fuss was about. What an amazing player. It was as if he didn't miss a beat in the playoffs. I'm excited to see what he's going to bring in his sophomore year next season.

Finally, the baby Sabres. I cannot say good enough things about Tyler Ennis. Watching him with the puck, he did magical things. He continued to battle for the puck even when he was on his knees. I have a feeling he's going to make the roster right from the get go. Nathan Gerbe also had better stints up here than he did last season and that was great to see. I feel like he'll be up here at the start of next season as well; along with Ennis.

The offseason is the time for fans to complain about what went wrong and who needs to go, I know this. I'm going to wait until it's officially the offseason for that though. Still a ways to go before July 1st people. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs.


Jill said...

Well put. I do believe there needs to be some changes though so those younguns can get in there. But then again they can become another Butts. Its such a crap shoot. We know the guys have the skills but they just cant get it together sometimes. Its frustrating as a fan, as I am sure you understand.

I do agree about Miller, Myers and Ennis. I just hope Myers keeps up his play next season. He played pretty decent for a rookie.

Shelby Rose said...

It's clear how much the young guys are the future on this team. Then again, how long have we said that about guys like Roy, Vanek, Miller, Gaustad, etc. etc.? There are guys worthy of keeping out of the Rochester group from so long ago, but others need to get going.

I think he can. I thought for sure he would crap out during the playoffs, but it didn't seem like it...