I don't get it.

News was released today by several sources (The Buffalo News, Sabres.com and Yahoo! to name a few) that stated the decision is now left on Thomas' shoulders about whether or not he's going to play in tomorrow's game. I'm not the only one who found this to be a dumb move by Lindy to at least publicize this. Now that it's gotten out to various news sources, the shit may hit the fan tomorrow if Thomas deems that he is unable to play at the moment because of lingering soreness. The guy can't work at 90%. In his interview today, he says he doesn't want to take someone out of the lineup to put him in if he can't work at 100%. I like his attitude.

I think what really boggles my mind about this is that Lindy should know how the fans will react if Thomas says he can't play tomorrow. Especially because of this being an elimination game, they're going to be a lot worse than they would otherwise. This brings up the whole debate with some people of Ruff vs. Vanek. Allll because Lindy sat the guy in the playoffs during 2006 and look how he bounced back the next year. I don't think this is another one of those moments but surely, Lindy has realized what he's done...not very good.

Whatever, I know I'll be sticking up for the guy if it comes down to him saying no tomorrow. He will have valid reasons for not playing. It's obvious how much he wants and needs to get back out on the ice so everyone needs to chill out.


Aubrey said...

This seems a teensy bit irresponsible. Most of the time, unless they've lost a limb or are in traction, players will want to play regardless of whether or not it's a good idea. Aren't decisions like this one of the reasons you have a coach?

Shelby Rose said...

You would think so. After the audio from their interviews came out yesterday though, it's clear that Lindy wasn't purposefully trying to throw Vanek under the bus. They still shouldn't have said anything to the media about it though.