Something new.

I was emailed by a fellow Sabres blogger to start writing for another site, so I accepted it. It's Sabres Hockey Central. I know that my lack of posting on this blog doesn't make me very worthy of joining another site to write articles on that one since I've been busy with school, but I'm going to try it. I encourage you guys to check it out if you would like.


The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Thanks for playing.

Patrick Lalime STILL has not won his 200th game. The guy is going to get it, I just don't know when. It's getting really irritating to watch this team flop in front of him and forget how to score for 55 minutes of a game. Thanks to our savior, Thomas Vanek, he scored twice to make it 3-2...but unfortunately they could not complete the comeback. The Sabres fell 3-2 to the Wild.

One thing that really irked me was the ignorance coming from Sabres fans. I hope you guys know that jeering your own backup goaltender doesn't help him one bit. He was quoted as saying that he felt like he 'was playing at an away game'. I don't blame him one bit for saying that. Maybe if some of our fans weren't such dicks (to put it mildly) he could play better and at least have confidence in himself. None of you booers are helping him out there by your remarks so shut your face.

There is nothing I hate more than fans booing their team or booing the backup. I know the players say it puts some life into them but I don't see the point and as much as the Sabres piss me off some nights, I'm not going to go around booing them. I know I wouldn't take it well if I were being booed if I were in there shoes. At the same time, this is why I am not in the NHL or playing a sport...

The Swedish Nation is tonight. I am hoping for the same outcome as it was in the beginning of the year BESIDES Thomas injuring himself. None of that, mister.


Postgame: 3-10-10.

The Sabres finally scored more than two goals to take this game in regulation away from the Dallas Stars. The Stars haven't won in this building since...you guessed it! Brett Hull's 'No Goal'. I'm pretty sure what he did is some karma for the Stars in this building. I'm just kidding...but maybe I'm not.

Tyler Myers was a beast last night by recording four points in the game He had a goal and three assists (please correct me if I'm wrong). If this kid doesn't get the Calder Trophy, then I don't have faith in this league anymore. Then again, he has awesome competition in both Matt Duchene and Jimmy Howard who are thought to be the other two Finalists for the trophy. I'm expecting to see an incredibly goofy acceptance speech from him!

Does anyone have any idea as to when Mike Robitaille is coming back to do the Sabres games? I don't mind Danny Gare one bit but I really miss him. I just don't know if he isn't coming back at all this season. Any information will ease my heart a little bit, haha.

Minnesota comes into town on Friday. It's the second game of a 'Western Conference' week for the Sabres. Considering their record before their west coast trip was awesome against the West, I hope the Sabres can get back into that winning groove against the conference.


Mark Mancari, you're up.

According to this Sabres Edge article, Mark Mancari has been called up to play with the Sabres since Drew's injured and is playing with Thomas and Derek for tonight's game. Looks like Lindy has a lot of confidence in him tonight to put him on that line and I know with those two guys, he can maybe get something going. I wasn't impressed with him when he was up here earlier in the year (also against the Rangers) but maybe tonight will be different for him.

The Pirates are also playing here today in Buffalo, so best of luck to them so they can defeat Rochester! Go Pirates! Let's go, Buffalo!


Does this mean Raffi Torres will get a hat trick?

I really love the first week after trade deadline day for many different reasons. Usually it seems the new guys have a ton of pressure on them and fans of a team wonder 'what can this guy do? Is he going to perform well or poorly? What can he do for this team?' Some of the new guys can go right out there and score goal or maybe even two. Steve Bernier did that his first game playing for Buffalo. Scott Walker scored twice last night for the Capitals. Even Clarke scored for Atlanta last night against the Islanders (with Max getting an assist no doubt!). I'm not expecting Raffi to score a goal, but I want to see his presence on the ice. I want to see him make a hit or two; get a little chippy. If he can do any of those things, I will be extremely happy.

What this team needs is someone to give them a little spark, and Raffi seems to be the guy to do it, if anything. Hopefully his physical game will cause other guys to want to go and do the same thing. The Sabres need to get back into the groove that helped them win games in the beginning of the season. I hope Raffi Torres can be the one that helps bring that swagger back.


Trade Deadline Day recap (extra late)

Considering I had a lot to do yesterday, I wasn't able to make a post about what the Sabres did on Trade Deadline Day! I freaked out on Twitter about how the Sabres were probably going to do nothing except move maybe a draft pick or two since it was narrowing down to the last hour of the deadline but they made a couple of moves. Addition by subtraction so to speak.

So let's welcome Raffi Torres to the team! He was drafted by the New York Islanders and played for them while also playing for the Oilers and the Blue Jackets. From what I've heard, he's a power forward - he can score some clutch goals but tends to get physical too. He's a little bit better than Goose with the goal wise, but I think physical wise they're around the same. He's the leading goal scorer on the team now...yeah, I said that. Time to step it up Thomas!

Leaving were Nathan Paetsch and Clarke MacArthur. Patches went to Columbus while Clarke went to Atlanta. I'm going to miss the both of them - Patches for always being there when we needed him at defense or at forward and Clarke for his awesome fro. It's just too bad things didn't work out here. I wish them the absolute best with the rest of their careers.


And we're back.

I'm pretty sure that The Coldffalo Train has ended up in the grave, so I decided to come back to my lovely, little home here at Puck Over The Glass. I know all of you have missed me. Maybe? Eh, why not.

Still on an Olympic hangover, I'm pretty excited to see the Sabres play the Penguins tonight. Too bad it won't be a matchup of Ryan Miller against Sidney Crosby again but do we really want to see that? Not this girl. Good thing this game isn't on Versus otherwise they would be milking the highlights of Sidney scoring on Ryan over and over and over again. I think Tamara would appreciate it.

Patty said yesterday in his interview that he's in tonight, and my Twitter feed has erupted after learning that Brent Johnson will get the start tonight for the Penguins. Back up against back up tonight! I don't get it considering Marc-Andre didn't even get a second of playing time during the Olympics, but okay Dan Bylsma.

I hope the Sabres can come out strong and beat the Pens tonight. Especially because they have a tougher opponent in the Capitals tomorrow and the Russians on the team are going to be upset. Let's go, Buffalo!