And we're back.

I'm pretty sure that The Coldffalo Train has ended up in the grave, so I decided to come back to my lovely, little home here at Puck Over The Glass. I know all of you have missed me. Maybe? Eh, why not.

Still on an Olympic hangover, I'm pretty excited to see the Sabres play the Penguins tonight. Too bad it won't be a matchup of Ryan Miller against Sidney Crosby again but do we really want to see that? Not this girl. Good thing this game isn't on Versus otherwise they would be milking the highlights of Sidney scoring on Ryan over and over and over again. I think Tamara would appreciate it.

Patty said yesterday in his interview that he's in tonight, and my Twitter feed has erupted after learning that Brent Johnson will get the start tonight for the Penguins. Back up against back up tonight! I don't get it considering Marc-Andre didn't even get a second of playing time during the Olympics, but okay Dan Bylsma.

I hope the Sabres can come out strong and beat the Pens tonight. Especially because they have a tougher opponent in the Capitals tomorrow and the Russians on the team are going to be upset. Let's go, Buffalo!


Katebits said...

Aw! Welcome back, Puck Over the Glass!

Aubrey said...

I second Katebits, welcome back!

As for Crosby vs. Miller, I actually wouldn't have minded that if Miller was guaranteed to come out on top. I'm having serious hockey-relationship problems due to the Olympics and, odd as it sounds, I think Miller having a little revenge on Sid might have put my loyalties back in balance. Oh well!

Shelby Rose said...

Katebits, thank you! (:

Aubrey, thanks! I think the Olympics is messing everyone up right now. I know I'm still a little out of whack. I'm going out of my way to watch some games just to see some Olympians who played for the US. It's odd.