Postgame: 3-10-10.

The Sabres finally scored more than two goals to take this game in regulation away from the Dallas Stars. The Stars haven't won in this building since...you guessed it! Brett Hull's 'No Goal'. I'm pretty sure what he did is some karma for the Stars in this building. I'm just kidding...but maybe I'm not.

Tyler Myers was a beast last night by recording four points in the game He had a goal and three assists (please correct me if I'm wrong). If this kid doesn't get the Calder Trophy, then I don't have faith in this league anymore. Then again, he has awesome competition in both Matt Duchene and Jimmy Howard who are thought to be the other two Finalists for the trophy. I'm expecting to see an incredibly goofy acceptance speech from him!

Does anyone have any idea as to when Mike Robitaille is coming back to do the Sabres games? I don't mind Danny Gare one bit but I really miss him. I just don't know if he isn't coming back at all this season. Any information will ease my heart a little bit, haha.

Minnesota comes into town on Friday. It's the second game of a 'Western Conference' week for the Sabres. Considering their record before their west coast trip was awesome against the West, I hope the Sabres can get back into that winning groove against the conference.


Aubrey said...

Really? Dallas hasn't won in Buffalo since '99? Ha ha! Gotta love those hockey gods :D

Shelby Rose said...

I think the stat is like four losses and one tie for the Stars in Buffalo as of now. The Hockey Gods are not amused with their antics.