The Epic Adventures of Tamara and Shelby: Thanks for playing.

Patrick Lalime STILL has not won his 200th game. The guy is going to get it, I just don't know when. It's getting really irritating to watch this team flop in front of him and forget how to score for 55 minutes of a game. Thanks to our savior, Thomas Vanek, he scored twice to make it 3-2...but unfortunately they could not complete the comeback. The Sabres fell 3-2 to the Wild.

One thing that really irked me was the ignorance coming from Sabres fans. I hope you guys know that jeering your own backup goaltender doesn't help him one bit. He was quoted as saying that he felt like he 'was playing at an away game'. I don't blame him one bit for saying that. Maybe if some of our fans weren't such dicks (to put it mildly) he could play better and at least have confidence in himself. None of you booers are helping him out there by your remarks so shut your face.

There is nothing I hate more than fans booing their team or booing the backup. I know the players say it puts some life into them but I don't see the point and as much as the Sabres piss me off some nights, I'm not going to go around booing them. I know I wouldn't take it well if I were being booed if I were in there shoes. At the same time, this is why I am not in the NHL or playing a sport...

The Swedish Nation is tonight. I am hoping for the same outcome as it was in the beginning of the year BESIDES Thomas injuring himself. None of that, mister.