Training Camp: Day One.

For the record, I always keep forgetting that the Sabres split up the boys into three groups - the practice squad for the day and then the two teams who are playing in the scrimmage. Team Seymour (I think) was out for the practice squad today. Stafford has been looking extremely sharp these past few days and I heard that he lost quite a few pounds for the new season. I think he wants to prove everyone wrong because I do believe he just had a rusty season last year. It happens to every player.

For some reason, Miller was wearing his light blue mask during practice. I never took a liking to that one mainly because it clashes against the navy blue of the home jerseys. I don't know if he'll wear it with the third, which it might look better with, but I'm just not a fan. I much prefer the one he always wears. Leopold looks like Lydman when he takes off his helmet and that kind of bothers me too. Toni. *sad face*
I heard Team Norty won the game today in the shootout (go Lalime!) and that was the team I was cheering for. We had left early for food and so that I could get my brother's away jersey and I found a new little buddy for my car.I won't be at practice tomorrow because of school, but I'll be there on Tuesday when they're at the Northtown Center since I don't have my class in the morning. Can't wait!

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