Quick thing.

That Patrick Lalime defense post will come up shortly (Tamara wants it NOW) but I'm lazy and I'm trying to figure out how to properly word everything to make it right. The guy deserves a GOOD post in his defense so I need a bit more time.

As a filler and because I need my Vanek news during the summer, his website announced that the man himself will be the father of TWINS! So now there'll be three children in the Vanek family and I couldn't be happier. The twinsies are due in November. I hope this doesn't take a toll on him like it did when Blake was born but I know in his life, family comes first. I'm okay with that.

Also, he's getting a plaque placed on a stadium near Olympic names in Zell am See, Austria. They had a ceremony for him yesterday and that's where he announced the news of the twins. He had a book signing too, which, someone needs to get on that and translate it into English. Just reading the excerpts from his website makes me want to read more of it.

I swear I'll have that Patty post up, eventually. Even if it kills me. Maybe.

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