Non-hockey season is sooooooooo boring.

I wish I was able to come up with things to post about but I can't. Ilya Kovalchuk still has not signed with any team and at this point, I don't think anyone really cares anymore. In fact, if he signed with an NHL team, that team's fans might not even give a flying bleepity bleep. I use to respect the guy as a hockey player too because I think he has immense talent (or maybe that was just Atlanta making him look like a superstar)? Unfortunately this stupid waiting game has cost him my respect so whatever Ilya, go do what you want to do. Go to the KHL for all I care.

The Sabres summer has quickly gone from boring, to exciting, to boring again. I need news on anything. I will TAKE news on anything. The last thing they did was sign a forward for Portland, Tim Conboy, and I read he destroyed little Nate during a game here at HSBC? DISLIKE. Welcome to Buffalo/Portland Tim, etc. etc. Just don't kill any of your teammates now. I'm sure Nate is just THRILLED about this.

About a month left until some of the boys will show up at the Amherst Center to warm up for training camp, thank God. I need some hockey in my life. I hope that I'll be able to go out there for a few of them if work doesn't happen to tie me up. If not, then I'll just go the days that I can.

ALSO, the most important news of the day that's actually old news: Ryan Kesler has a Twitter. Have fun kids.


Aubrey said...

As far as I'm concerned everybody ought to keep their heads up, the Conboy brothers are thugs. Thanks for the tip about Kesler twittering!

Shelby Rose said...

And thank YOU for the tip on Tim Conboy! I don't like how we're getting 'thugs' in this system. It bothers me greatly.

Aubrey said...

At least you're getting Tim. He's slightly less thuggish. When I first heard "Conboy to Buffalo" I was afraid it was Andrew and that he and Corey Tropp would reunite for more of this.

Shelby Rose said...

I remember reading that when it first happened. I'm still shaking my head at that. Especially when we signed Tropp a few weeks ago, I was like 'oh yeah, about that...'