Sabres go for two: Sign Rob Niedermayer and re-sign Patrick Lalime.

While it's been quiet in Sabreland for the past few days with the minor exceptions of salary arbitration, the signing of some prospects, and development camp going on at Dwyer Arena at Niagara University; something finally went down today. The Sabres signed Rob Niedermayer earlier this afternoon. I for one did not know he was up for a contract. I thought for sure he had signed longer with the New Jersey Devils after leaving Anaheim.

It was amusing when the news broke because most people were immediately thinking of Rob's brother, Scott. While Scott is an awesome player who has unfortunately hung them up for good, it's pretty cool to have his brother on the team. He is less awesome but still awesome. I used awesome too much in this paragraph, forgive me.

Word has it that two other teams vying for Niedermayer's services were the Oilers and Penguins. I understand passing up the Oilers because of their current state but the Pens, really? I love it when players come to Buffalo BECAUSE THEY WANT TO, not because it's their only option. Welcome to Buffalo, Rob!

What else happened today? Oh that's right.

Yes I'm excited, what of it? I think I might have to do a full on rant tomorrow about how I feel about the guy's playing and why I'm glad he's sticking around. For now, I'll just wish the guy a very happy birthday and a welcome back!