TEAOTAS returns for the preseason.

Tamara and I actually attended the Leafs game together too, but since I made a video for that game I figured it was unnecessary for the TEAOTAS post. So for the first time this season, TEAOTAS has returned! I know you're all excited to hear about our stupidawesome adventures throughout this season as we go to games. We sat fairly close at the game yesterday and neither of us brought our cameras. Can you say epic fail? Ah well, I'm dangerous with a camera to begin with and sitting up close would have been more of a disaster if I had it on me. Tamara and I apparently were on the Flyers feed at one point if you were watching online or on the NHL Network, and were seen talking. Honest to God, that's not different from how we usually are during games anyways.

The Flyers got off to a quick 2-0 start and the annoying Flyers fans that were sitting near us caused a ruckus. Then that's when the onslaught began with eight straight goals. I was hoping for ten, but I GUESS nine is okay. :P It was a good way to end the preseason with a huge win like that, but as Flyers fans would probably say 'YOU BEAT OUR B-TEAM!!!111' That's your B-Team? They need some work. Better get on that, Phantoms.

Can we talk about Drew Stafford for a minute? You already have? I'm going to talk about him again anyways. I'm talking about the goal. You know what I'm talking about. As soon as the puck went into the net, I turned to Tamara and went 'that was an Ovechkin goal'. There's no video of it online as of yet, but it reminds me of the goal he scored against the Leafs two seasons ago. I stand by my statement that I said on Twitter that the guy is going to get 35+ goals this season. Not good in a contract year? I don't care, the guy deserves a good season and everyone to get off his back. He also got the first star which we were happy to see. :) Aww, Drewseph.

It's weird to think that the real season starts on Thursday for the league. It's about time, to be honest. I just wonder how the boys are going to come out against Ottawa on Friday...we shall see, won't we?

As an end to this post, I am leaving you with the new Ryan Miller ad. If you haven't seen it yet, please do. There's something about the frustration in his eyes when Don LeGreca says over the commercial 'but do you think they can be a Stanley Cup contender?' It speaks for this city, those eyes. Enjoy.


Katie said...

You totally should have borrowed my camera! We were up in 310 so the few pictures I got were awful. haha

And that Miller ad? PERFECTION. His eyes say everything.

Shelby Rose said...

Haha, I was kicking myself for not bringing it and being that close.

I could watch that ad over and over again, I love it.