It begins.

I'd like to thank the creator of Twitter for coming up with the idea for it. You see, especially during hockey games, I'm a raving lunatic. I need to express my anger or my complete happiness somewhere and I can't do it outloud at my house because of my mother usually being in bed during hockey games. I swear up a storm, use all caps. I am that type of person when it comes to watching this sport. For all those people who still follow me even after reading my obscene comments, thanks for sticking around. I think I use Twitter to get out all of my frustration and if I want to write a blog post the next day, I'm extremely calm. So thanks for that, creator of Twitter. You had people like me in your mind when you came up with the concept.

The Sabres lost their fifth straight game yesterday, and Phil over at Black & Blue & Gold had mentioned on Twitter if anyone remembered the ten game losing streak. To be honest, that came into my mind after the Devils game. I didn't really think they would lose the next two games after that but it just doesn't seem like ANYTHING is going right for this team right now. Both goaltenders can't seem to steal a W (though Ryan did steal a point for the boys against New Jersey). We can't seem to score more than three goals a game and that's only happened two out of the six games. Thomas Vanek can't get the puck in the net. Most shots on goal but nothing to show for it which is just REALLY, REALLY weird. It isn't like he's not trying, he is but the puck keeps avoiding to go in the net when he shoots it. Our defensive pairings are really screwed up. I don't know what happened to Tyler but I think he is now a minus seven. Guys, that's really bad considering I think he was a plus player last year. I hope this is just a fluke and he doesn't have the dreaded sophomore slump.

It was comforting to see more guys than Derek Roy score last night, that's for sure. Drew, Goose, and Cody all got on the board. Thomas got an assist (WOO HOO) but that could not stop the Hawks. I said it on Twitter, I said it on Facebook - time to get more goal songs. Obviously you're going to love it because it pisses off opposing teams and fans and if you're a Hawks fan, but if you plan on having this song 20+ years into the future then have fun with that disaster. I don't even care about the Hawks in terms of I do not love them or hate them but I HATE that song during the hockey season. It's too bad I'll have to hear it more while watching the Canucks play them this year, ugh.

The Sabres next game is on Wednesday and I think fans deserve a break from this. I wonder if Lindy will be able to light a fire under their butts so they come out flying because the Thrashers have our number badly. It's time to take care of teams who are less talented than we are - or are they?

Go Sabres.

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