Wedding bells.

Yesterday on my Twitter feed, someone posted a link to an article about Jason Spezza's wedding. If I had to like a Senator it would be him. I know, I know, tar and feather me all you want. I hate myself for it too.

I went to the link and was immediately shown a very adorable picture of Spezz and his new wife coming down the church steps. Looking now, they changed it with a picture of the both of them riding off and waving to people. The rest of the photos are very cute, and if you want to look and see (while murmuring under your breath how much you hate the Senators), then go here: Jason Spezza's wedding.

For me, I have seen better men in tuxes. Not naming names...
Like I said. No names.


Kimberly said...

awe spezt! he's prolly the only sen i like too....but i guess i might have to like foligno now because im gonna marry his better.

but that picture of thomas & ashley- i get all happy everytime i see it.

Shelby Rose said...

Haha, Nick is kind of adorable too. He did the jump after he first scored, so that's awesome.

I do too! They are such a precious couple.